A few of the best iPhone email apps you should try

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Are you looking for an email client for your iPhone?If so, you are in luck.There are a lot of great email apps available.But what are the best iPhone email apps?After all, email clients can take time to set up, so you want to make sure you download the right client the first time.

If you're looking for the best iPhone email apps, check out these five great picks below.


Basic Features of iPhone Email App

Most email applications will provide the basic functionality you need to send and receive messages, as well as get notifications.Below is a list of features we look for in an email client, and every option on this list offers those features.

1. Spark


The Spark email app is definitely the most popular app in this category.It offers an attractive design, threaded messages, multiple email accounts, built-in calendar and color coding for your account.

Highlights of Spark include:

1. Smart Inbox: View a summary of all new mail from each of your email accounts.

2. Delegate: Assign emails for others to take action.

3. Snooze: Snooze messages for a date or time and receive alerts when the time comes.

4. Reminders: Set reminders for emails so you don’t forget to follow up.

5. Quick reply: Tap to reply with a smile, thank you, agree, or your own custom quick reply.

Nor is this the end of Spark's feature list.You can also create signatures for all accounts, set up and use email templates, use the app-specific passcode lock, sync with your other devices, and more.

Download: Spark (Free, subscription available)

2. Airmail


Airmailis an excellent iPhone email app that integrates with storage services like Google Drive and Dropbox.It also integrates with productivity apps like Evernote and Todoist.The app gives you a long list of actions you can take on your emails, making inbox management a breeze.

Here are some prominent features of Airmail:

1. Advanced email actions: In addition to moving, applying labels, and muting or blocking, you can create PDFs, unsubscribe, move messages to another account, and send them to reminders or calendars.

2. Custom Actions: Create actions for a simplified workflow.

3. To-Do: Use the built-in to-do list feature to list tasks directly from your email.

4. VIP List: Add email senders to your VIP list.

5. Password Protection: Set a password and choose the amount of time before the app prompts you for a password.

Airmail has a nice set of features that make it easy to take action on your mail, and Airmail is a great option for any serious mail user on iOS.If you're interested in multiple accounts, snooze, send-later options, and premium support, check out the Airmail subscription plan.

Airmail has a bunch of features to handle emails with ease, and for iOS users, Airmail is a good choice.You can also check out Airmail's subscription plans if you're interested in multiple accounts, snooze, send later options, and premium support.

Download: Airmail (Free, subscription available)

3. Polymail


Polymailis a powerful email app similar to Spark, and you can set up multiple email accounts, enable two-factor authentication, and enjoy a host of other features.

Take a look at some of Polymail's coolest features:

1. Email Click Tracking: Ever wonder if your emails are actually received? Polymail will track and tell you when the recipient has read the message.

2. Customizable swipe actions: Organize your email inbox with simple, customizable swipe actions.

3. Read Later: Mark emails to read later on whatever date and time works best for you.

4. Send Later: Schedule the email you composed to be sent at a specific date and time.

5. One-click unsubscribe: Troubled by promotions? Polymail allows you to unsubscribe easily.

And that's not all! You can automatically send messages to archives after reading them, view activity feeds, create and apply labels, and more.All in all, Polymail is an amazing, full-featured iPhone email application.

Download: Polymail (Free, subscription available)



If security is your number one consideration in an email application, there are several good reasons to choose ProtonMail.With its end-to-end encryption and zero data access, you'll love the other security features ProtonMail offers.

Here's a summary of how ProtonMail stands out:

1. Password Protect Email: Password protect the emails you send and provide reminders to recipients.

2. Send encrypted attachments: In addition to sending encrypted emails, ProtonMail also sends encrypted attachments.

3. Self-Destructing Messages: Set a time limit for emails to disappear after a certain number of days or hours.

4. Protect: Enable Touch ID or PIN.Also, you can set an automatic lock for the app after a specified number of minutes.

With ProtonMail, you can rest assured that your information and data are safe and secure.If you're interested in upgrading your account, you can purchase a one-year plan within the app.

Download: Protonmail (Free, in-app purchases available)

5. Canary Mail


Another security-focused email app is Canary Mail.Similar to ProtonMail, Canary Mail offers end-to-end encryption.However, unlike ProtonMail, Canary Mail allows you to use your own email account without having to create a new one.

Canary Mail also includes a built-in calendar, so it has many of the features of a traditional email client, but puts security first.

Some of the standout features of Canary Mail include:

1. Zero-setup encryption: No setup required to start sending encrypted emails.

2. Read receipts: Similar to iMessage, you can see exactly when recipients read your emails.

3. Smart Notifications: Configure Canary Mail to only provide you with notifications of important messages.

4. Favorites: Mark people as favorites and access them in one place.

5. Snooze: Snooze the email on the date and time you choose to follow up.

To go along with these great features, you can also use Canary Mail in dark mode and access your iOS calendar within the app.This makes Canary Mail a great all-in-one app with a focus on security.

Download: canary mail (Subscription required, free trial)

What are the best iPhone email apps?

Each of these iPhone email apps has its pros and cons.Of course, almost every mail app has the basic features you need.So it's these extra extras that will make an email app like this one of your favorites.

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