10 Interesting Facts About Microsoft You Might Not Know

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Microsoft is one of the most recognizable companies in the world, and its history is full of interesting facts.Did you know that one of Microsoft's most popular software products, Microsoft Office, actually debuted on the Mac?Or, was the original smartwatch Timex Datalink designed in partnership with Microsoft?

Here are some interesting facts about Microsoft that might surprise you.

1. Microsoft originally had a slightly different name


Few companies are as well known as Microsoft.However, the company was originally named Micro-Soft by company co-founder Paul Allen, a combination of the words microcomputer and software.

2. The original Microsoft logo was created in less than a day


Over the years, Microsoft has had several different logos, each of which is equally recognizable.However, it took co-founders Bill Gates and Paul Allen less than a day to design the original Microsoft logo.

3. Musician Brian Eno composed the famous Microsoft 95 Jingle


Prolific musician Brian Eno, known for his work with musical performers such as David Bowie and Coldplay, is the Microsoft The brains behind the Windows 95 startup theme.

Eno came up with the 6-second jingle, dubbed "The Voice of Microsoft," admitting that he created the sound on a Mac and never used a PC in the BBC Radio 4 interview.

4. The Windows operating system used to have a very different name



While we all know that Bill Gates is a crazy successful businessman, his marketing skills are not that great.

When the original Windows operating system was still in development, Gates wanted to call it an "interface manager."The name has been used internally for a while, with plans to use the same name when the operating system is finally released to the public.

However, when Microsoft's marketing department heard the name, they persuaded Gates to change it to Windows, which refers to the "windows" on the computer screen that users interact with while using the operating system.The operating system was released as Windows 1985 in 1.0.

5. Microsoft Office actually debuted on the Mac


Microsoft Office is one of the company's best-known software products, with the most popular products including Microsoft Word, Excel and Power Point.Despite the obvious ties to Microsoft, some may be surprised that Microsoft Office initially debuted on the Mac before it landed on Windows.

The first version of Microsoft Office was released on the Mac in 1989 and made its way to Windows a year later.

This happens because Apple's platform is more flexible than Windows, making it easier to test new products there before bringing them to Windows, according to internal leaked emails from Bill Gates.

6. Microsoft employees are nicknamed "Softies"


While you might think of the average Microsoft employee as a serious developer, they have a very cute nickname "Softie."With more than 100 employees in more than 180000 countries, Softie, on average, is dominated by men living in the United States.

7. Microsoft rescued Apple from bankruptcy


Although they were rivals, there was a time when Microsoft helped save Apple from bankruptcy.

In 1997, when Apple was on the brink of bankruptcy, Microsoft invested $1.5 million in the company.While this saved Apple from debacle, when Steve Jobs first appeared at the Macworld Boston conference in 1997 as Apple CEO to announce the investment, fans weren't enthusiastic about the move and responded with boos .

The investment is good for both parties, as Apple dropped its lawsuit against Microsoft, accusing it of copying its operating system.Apple also made Microsoft's Internet Explorer the default browser on the Mac.

Perhaps Microsoft's greatest benefit in the investment was getting out of a legal battle with the Justice Department, which was preparing to file an antitrust lawsuit against Microsoft for an unlawful monopoly in the personal computer market.Helping a rival in the personal computer space save Microsoft from being split into two entities.

8. Microsoft is a record patent holder


Microsoft has more than 7 patents, of which more than 5 are still in use.With thousands of patent applications filed each year, and patents acquired through corporate acquisitions, Microsoft is one of the largest patent holders in the world.

9. Microsoft designed one of the first smartwatches


While the popularity of smartwatches is a relatively recent phenomenon, Microsoft's involvement in designing the original smartwatch may come as a surprise to some.Released in 1994 in partnership with watch maker Timex, the Timex Datalink was inspired by a replacement for the then popular PDA.

The watch has an LCD display and has high-tech features, including downloading information wirelessly from a computer and storing phone numbers in the watch's memory.The watch has also been certified for space missions by NASA and has even been used in space with various models of watches worn by astronauts.

While the watch's design was groundbreaking at the time, it never took off commercially and didn't last into the new millennium.

10. Why are manhole covers round?


As one of the world's top tech companies, Microsoft has developed its own approach to attracting the best talent possible.The company has built a reputation for asking prospective employees wacky and unexpected questions during the interview process.

Microsoft is rumored to ask questions like "why are manhole covers round," which may seem odd to techies but requires interviewers to think outside the box, get creative, and come up with an answer.

Microsoft continues to dominate the tech world

Microsoft has come a long way since its founding in 1975.Since then, the company has grown and developed many of the great software and hardware products we use today.

Microsoft's dominance in tech shows no signs of slowing down, and we believe the company will continue to design and innovate new products and services for years to come.

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