How to view your Google Maps timeline and see every place you've been

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Almost every major app tracks your location in some way.While most people try to keep it a secret (and won't even tell you why they need it), Google Maps is very public when it comes to using your location.

but Google Maps doesn't just use it to give you directions and show your current location.If you enable it, you can also create a Google mapTimeline, which lets you see where you've traveled on a particular date, any attractions or restaurants you've visited, the towns you've been to, and the countries you've been in.

Here's how to check your Google Maps timeline - and how to enable Location History so you can make a timeline in the first place.

How to enable Location History in Google Maps

Google Maps creates your timeline by tracking the places you've been over a long period of time.For this, it needs your location history.

All basic Google accounts have location history enabled by default (but if you have an education or business account, it may be disabled).To make sure it's turned on:

  1. If you're not already signed in, go to your Google Account page and sign in.
  2. Tap at the top of the screenData and Privacy(on a mobile device), or click it in the left sidebar (on a computer).
  3. scroll down tothings you've done and places you've been, and make surelocation historyTurned on.If not, click it and open it.
The Data and Privacy page in the user's Google Account settings.
Make sure Location History is set to "On". 
If you want to track history long term, you might also want to changeauto deleteset up.

How to View Your Google Maps Timeline in the Mobile App

1.在 您 的 iPhone Or Android Open Google Maps on the top right corner's profile picture.

2:XNUMXyour timeline.

The quick settings menu in the Google Maps app.Highlight the "Your Timeline" option.

You can find your timeline in this menu.

The screen changes and a large menu with various options appears at the top.depending on what you are using iPhone still is Android, they will be different.

On both devices, you'll see:

  • every day:Here you can see all the places you have visited in one day.It also shows you how you got there (by subway, car, etc.) and how long you stayed at each location.

A Google Maps timeline showing where a user travels on a specific date.

You'll see a full map showing all the places you've been on that day.

  • 地点:This will show you the different restaurants, attractions, shops, hotels, etc. you have visited.They will be grouped into different categories which you can click on to see the full list.
  • city:You'll get a list of all the towns and cities you've visited, and when you've visited them.Tap a city name to see where and how often you are in that city.

List of cities visited by Google Maps users.

You'll also see how many places you've been in that town or city.

  • world:A list of all the countries you have been to.Tap a country in the list to see which cities you've been to.

If you're on Android, you'll also seeItineraryopinion.Travel shows (as the name suggests) the vacations and vacations you've taken. Insights tracks how much time you spend walking, driving, and taking public transportation each month, as well as how far you travel and how much time you spend

The Insights menu in the Google Maps app, showing a record of how often and how you traveled.

You can view statistics for any month.

How to view your Google Maps timeline on the website

You can also find the timeline on the Google Maps website, but it looks a little different.

1.Open Google Maps on your computer and click on the upper left cornerthree overlapping lines of.

2.选择your timeline.

A menu on the Google Maps website that allows you to find the timeline.

A menu on the Google Maps website that allows you to find the timeline.

You will be taken to the Timeline page.Here you can:

  • Click on the upper left corner of the screenone of the blue barsOrEnter a specific dateto see all the places you traveled for that day.
  • Click on the bottom leftthe red location optionSee every business, attraction, and place of interest you've visited.
  • Click on"More travel" boxto see which vacations you have taken andTravel.

You can also double-click on the mapRed dotto see the exact date you went to the place.

Google Maps timeline displayed on your computer.

Your timeline will look different on a computer than on a phone.

If you want to reset the map, clickTimelinein the upper left corner and return to your main timeline page.

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