Now, we know the release date and price of the Nothing Phone (1)

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Nothing Phone (1), the much-talked-about device from OnePlus founder Carl Pei, will be one of the hottest Android phones of 2022.Until now, we still knew very little about this phone.

A new leak tells us that the Nothing Phone (1) will launch on July 7st and will be priced between $21-500. Pei also released some images showing the phone's unique translucent design, as well as the inspiration behind it.Let's take a look.


Nothing Phone (1) price and release date

According to German site, the launch date of the Nothing Phone will be July 7.It's unclear if that's the phone's debut date, or if it'll go on sale by then.The price is expected to be around 21 euros, which puts the price in the US between $500 and $500.The news comes from Max Jambor, who gained fame for leaks through an unnamed European retailer.

Assuming the pricing information is correct, this should give the phone a solid place in the increasingly competitive premium and mid-range categories.Its rivals are the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE and the Google Pixel 6a, which will also be available for pre-order on July 7.

What would Nothing Phone(1) look like?


Meanwhile, an interview with the Nothing team on revealed sketches and design inspiration for the phone.It will have a translucent design similar to the Nothing ear (1) earbuds and is clearly inspired by the New York subway map.

Tom Howard, director of design at Nothing, said the idea was to turn the interior components themselves into a design feature, creating a unique design language in the process.He was quoted as saying: "There are more than 400 components in a smartphone, assembled in layers. We wanted to celebrate the 'good' components, which we thought were very interesting and worth highlighting.".


Inside, the phone is expected to run a version of Android with some enhancements and Nothing's own design tweaks, including gadgets.

We don't know any specs of the phone yet, other than that it will run on a Snapdragon processor.

Nothing Phone is coming

So far, Carl Pei is following the rules of the game he created for the original OnePlus launch -- constant dripping of information, tons of hype, and tons of promise.This works well for OnePlus, which has found its own solid place in the market.But for other new brands, it's even harder.

Last year, Nothing bought Essential Inc., the company founded by Android founder Andy Rubin that closed its doors after releasing a poorly sold smartphone.We'll have to wait a few more months to find out which way Nothing goes.


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