How to unlock Samsung phone without password

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Forgetting your phone password or PIN can be very frustrating.In the past, Android phones had a reputation for being relatively insecure, but that's changed a lot over the past few years.Both Samsung and Google have taken steps to improve the security of your device, so if you forget your phone's passcode, unlocking it isn't an easy process.

Here are some methods you can use to unlock your Samsung phone if you forget your passcode.

1. Use the "Find My Phone" feature


The Find My Phone feature on Samsung is by far the best way to unlock your account.If you find yourself locked out, you can just go to Find My Phone.From there, follow these steps:

1. Go to Unlock.

2. You will be prompted to enter your Samsung account password.

3. Once you have entered the password, click Next.

4. Another popup will appear letting you know that your device has been unlocked.

5. Now you can unlock your phone and set a new PIN or password.

It's worth noting that for this to work, your device must be powered on and should be connected to Wi-Fi or a mobile network.What's more, remote unlock also needs to be enabled on your device.If you haven't set it up, you should do it now.

2. Use Google's Find My Device feature


You can also try unlocking your phone using Google's lost device tool.For this option to work, you need to first activate Find My Device as a management app.To do this, go to Settings and search for the Device Management app.From the list of device management apps, you need to activate Find My Device as shown below.



1. Once approved, open the Find My Device link on your computer.

2. From here, go to Security Devices and set a recovery message if you want.

3. Google will remotely lock your device.Now, follow the on-screen instructions to unlock your phone.You'll be prompted to add a new passcode on your device, which will bypass Samsung's passcode screen.

4. Once your phone is unlocked, you can disable the temporary passcode by setting and replace it with your own.

It's worth noting that this method won't work unless you have Find My Device set to manage the app.So, if you don't set it up from the beginning, you won't be able to use this method.

3. Factory reset the device

The last resort is to factory reset the device.But it's even harder to do when you're locked out of the phone itself.To do this, follow these steps:

1. The first step is to turn off the device.To do this, press the Power/Bixby and Volume Up keys at the same time.

2. The phone will restart.Press and hold the power key until the Android logo appears on the screen.

3. Now, you will enter the Android system recovery menu.Touch doesn't work, so you have to scroll with the volume down key to wipe data/factory reset.

4. Press the power key to confirm your selection.

5. After the device resets, select Reboot system now.

Of course, with this method, you will lose all your data, but at least you will gain access to your account.For security reasons, you must log into your Google account before you can set up your phone again.

And, if you remember your Samsung password and have backup turned on, you can restore the latest backup directly!

outdated or misleading methods

Now, it's worth mentioning that while there are several other methods, they no longer work.Android security has come a long way over the past few years, and Samsung has improved its security, although it's not as secure as you might think.Here are some methods you may find elsewhere on the web that no longer work:

1. You can no longer boot into safe mode this way and unlock your Samsung phone.There's no passcode, and it won't let you into the device at all, even after you power it on.

2. You cannot call your locked phone, just press the back button to unlock your device.This used to be a popular exploit, but it doesn't work anymore.

3. You can't take it to a Samsung service center and expect them to unlock it for you.They will ask you to complete the unlocking before handing over the device.

Avoid overrated third-party apps or services

There are plenty of third-party apps and services that claim to unlock the Samsung passcode for you.These programs generally do not work.

Google and Samsung have doubled down on encryption and security, so it's unwise to assume that an app can unlock your device.It may be tempting to pay a fee and download software to unlock your phone, but these third-party programs have no track record of success.

Some may even ask for a one-time fee to recover your password, often claiming they'll get the key directly from Samsung or your carrier.

This also won't work because your phone's PIN or password is encrypted.No one can access it, including Google or Samsung.Officially, Samsung recommends that your best bet is to use the Find My Device option, or to factory reset your phone.

Many people often get emotional about losing their phone passcode, worry about their phone passcode, and end up trusting these sites or downloading free software to unlock their phone.They don't work at all and you just end up losing your money.

The best thing you can do is link your Samsung account and activate Find My Device, as both methods can help you unlock your device in case you forget your password.

Samsung and Android will become more secure

Like Apple, Samsung is continuing to beef up security, and Android is doubling down on its efforts.Android used to have a reputation for not offering enough security, but that's all changed.Today, Samsung phones are among the most secure devices in the world.

With Samsung Knox andOne UI 4.1With the arrival of new features, the company has further enhanced the security of its devices.

Make sure you don't waste your money on third-party services or apps that target customers with no technical understanding of what's going on behind the scenes.

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