11 Alternative Search Engines to Find What Google Can't

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While Google isn't going away anytime soon, there are a few alternative search engines we can recommend if you want to try something new outside of the Google search engine.


You'll find top searches in some unfiltered search engines very similar to Google.But they might also show you your search from a completely different angle.

1. Ecosia


Besides Google, there are some search engines that also contribute to the world. Ecosia does its work from a slightly different angle.This search engine uses a modified Bing custom search -- no second-class API here.

As you browse, 80% of Ecosia's advertising profits are diverted to projects to plant trees in Burkina Faso, Madagascar, Indonesia and Peru.Read its FAQs; you'll find their openness to projects depicting the success and progress of their planting projects.

Ecosia is an unfiltered search engine, but it does highlight sites that follow sustainable practices, with a green leaf icon next to the results.

2. SearchCode


Those who need an open source code search engine will love SearchCode.If you need an unbiased search engine that doesn't filter the results, what you'll find here is collected from the internet and spans over a dozen sources and 90+ languages.

Searching for code can be difficult.This site can help you narrow down to a specific source, repository or language.Your results will be highlighted with the relevant row.

3. Qwant


If you have more and more private search engines, this unrestricted search engine is definitely one you want to check out.Compared to Google,Qwantis a more visual search engine, it might also appeal to you for some reason.

Local storage on your computer is used to save settings and data.You can sign up and log in to create a vision board by bookmarking your favorite results.

4. NASA Images


NASA Images brings you unfiltered search results depicting some of the most iconic achievements of our lifetimes in space exploration.Search through a treasure trove of more than 14 NASA images, video and audio files from many missions in the agency's history.

Any science lover will love this.That's a huge amount of content to explore from over 60 different locations, all in one searchable index.

5. Peekier


Any uncensored search engine that doesn't store user data is always worth checking out. Peekier is one of the newest privacy-conscious search engines, a service popularized by companies like DuckDuckGo.

Peekier's policy reiterates that the site does not log your personal information or track your activities as you browse.They offer a clean design and quick, unfiltered web searches, brought to you in the form of small preview cards.

Click the hamburger icon at the top right to adjust your settings. Peekier automatically suggests search keywords; you can further refine them with more keywords as you receive your results.This uncensored search will not filter your results.The only filter they impose is determined by your region.

6. Thangs


Googling is still not very good when it comes to searching for models designed for 3D printing. Thangs entered the field; this site is an online community for 3D designers.

Its search engine is an offshoot of their desire to share work with each other.From here, you can get inspiration for your own awesome 3D printing projects.

Thangs claims to be a "geometric search engine" powered by artificial intelligence.It can recognize 3D models, see how parts fit together, and then make accurate predictions about each object's function, cost, materials, performance, compliance, and more.

7. board reader


Boardreader is an unbiased search engine that covers online forums and bulletin boards.

If you Google a topic, the top search results are mostly refined articles from mainstream magazines.But the best place to get ideas and opinions from real people is an online community.This is where enthusiasts and fans of the theme gather.

So if you're looking to gain information through the grapevine and are curious about what people are talking about, you can use Boardreader to dive down the rabbit hole of forum discussions.

8. Giphy


In the future, our descendants will likely be able to communicate via Facebook chat entirely using emojis and GIFs.existGiphyWith the help of , you can prepare for this animated utopian future,Giphyis the unfiltered image search loved by jolly people everywhere.

Giphy is really one of those unrestricted search engines.However, you need to be prepared as you may stumble upon some NSFW search results.

9. Kiddle


Kiddle is not a search engine that shows everything.In fact, it's a bit of the opposite of unfiltered search engines.It's family-friendly and great for curious kids, as the unfiltered search engine results aren't age-appropriate.

Even though there is a SafeSearch option on Google, it's not quite enough.So Kiddle is a search engine, a customized version of Google.Large thumbnails, images and fonts accompany child-safe web, image and video searches.

Kiddle is a great option if you want to keep your kids away from the underbelly of NSFW sites, gambling platforms, and other online black markets.

10 JustWatch


Online streaming has replaced cable TV in many homes.But if you don't stop there and want to discover where your favorite shows are hosted, the site's unfiltered search results will be able to give you the full disclosure.It's a search engine other than Google that you can use to find new content on every streaming platform.

You can customize your preferences by different genres, IMDb or Rotten Tomatoes ratings, price, quality or release year to narrow down the results.

11 Ludwig


Ludwig is an interesting alternative to Google Translate.Here, you don't need to type the sentence you want to translate.Instead, you enter your best guess for the desired English translation.

The search engine compares your approximate sentences to a database of contextual examples drawn from standard sources such as The New York Times, PLOS ONE, BBC, and scientific publications.

Compare the resulting list with your input query to learn the correct way to write the spoken word.This is a fun way to learn English on the Internet.

Use search engines other than Google

The goal of these alternative search engines is not to replace Google, but to challenge the status quo.

Think of these search engines without filters as "professional" search tools.When it comes to general web searches, Google still leads the pack.However, for niche searches and anonymous private searches, search engines that do not filter results still dominate.

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