16 features and changes to look forward to in iOS 8

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Every year, Apple releases a brand new update to its entire product lineup. macOS, iOS, iPadOS, watchOS, tvOS, HomePods, AirTags, and more all have brand new software.And 2022 is no exception.We look forward to all new updates.

With the iPhone being Apple's most popular product, perhaps the most anticipated new update for 2022 isiOS 16(and its counterpart, iPadOS).Here we will look atiOS 16Seven features and changes to expect from the update.

1. Interactive gadgets

Apple is introducing widgets in iOS 14 for the first time in response to repeated requests from iOS users. Android offered this feature long before iOS, so Apple fans were eager for its release.While iOS widgets have proven popular and look great (there are tons of third-party widgets), they lack one thing - interactivity.

Many Android gadgets are interactive, allowing you to perform certain functions directly from the gadget.For example, an interactive music widget will allow you to control playback (e.g. skip, pause, etc.) directly from the home screen.FromiOS 15Initially, a gadget in iOS could only open its associated app.


An extremely sketchy leak reportedly shows interactive gadgets in an early version of iOS 16.This leak should be viewed with caution because of the source.However, we still expect Apple to follow in Android's footsteps and introduce interactive gadgets at some point.

2. New stock Apple app

One small change in iOS 16 is a new set of Apple apps.According to analyst Mark Gurman's Power On newsletter, we'll see "new ways to interact" and "some new Apple apps" in iOS 16.While the new way of interacting could be Apple's 2022 accessibility feature, the mention of Apple apps is interesting.


iOS 15 The beta version of 's includes a reference to the Apple Classical service, which may be a new app.We could also see entirely new ideas, such as files, or splitting multifunctional apps into smaller ones.We don't know much about it, but we're still looking forward to the new stock app.

3. Advanced support for VR headsets

Other new code in the iOS 15 beta hints at new software support for Apple's planned VR/AR headset.While this looks like a lot of behind-the-scenes action, it's possible that there will be support for iOS 16's built-in headphones.

Since the headset is expected to launch in 2022, it needs to work with Apple devices running that year's software, including iOS 16.Don't expect Apple to mention these features until the headphones launch, but they're likely to be.

4. Changes to Notice

In another issue of Gurman's Power On newsletter, the Apple analyst mentioned that he expects an "announced update."Unfortunately, Gurman didn't elaborate further on the updates we should expect to see (as he often does).However, we would expect some changes.


An update to focus mode in iOS seems likely, though.Whether it's adding more options, different settings, or a new feature, we're hoping Apple will make some tweaks, since that feature is only available in iOS 15.We're also likely to see updates to notification grouping and actions, as these are areas where Android is more advanced.

5. New health tracking feature

In Mark Gurman's Power On, we again learned about another iOS 16 feature - changes to health tracking.Here, he only mentions "new fitness tracking features" without seeing further details.But based on other reports and some speculation, we have an idea of ​​what these features might be.

One possible update candidate is to improve sleep tracking.This will likely happen in sync with watchOS 9, as iPhones currently require the Apple Watch to track sleep.One impressive new feature, however, is native sleep tracking on the iPhone using the "Sleep Time" feature.

Other new features could include medication tracking and food tracking.The food tracking feature can be applied to online grocery shopping through Apple.However, a report by Connor Jewiss suggests that food tracking will be coming in iOS 15 (which it doesn't), so it's anyone's guess if the feature will come.

6. Vehicle Collision Detection

According to The Wall Street Journal, Apple is testing a car crash detection feature as early as 2021.According to the report, Apple has been testing the feature for more than a year, collecting data from iPhones and Apple Watches.Since the feature wasn't released in iOS 15, it's reasonable to expect it to appear in iOS 16.

The feature appears to work similarly to the fall detection feature on the Apple Watch.In this new feature, your iPhone appears to provide data on your location and movement speed to determine if it's in a car.Apple is running tens of millions of tests, according to The Wall Street Journal, so we expect the feature to be pretty solid.

Android already offers similar functionality on Pixel phones, which has proven successful.Since the iPhone already offers safety features like the emergency SOS button, this would be another potential life-saving feature.

7. Extended wallet functionality

We're also looking forward to some new and expanded features in the built-in wallet app. iOS 15 introduced support for IDs and keys, so we expect Apple to add compatibility for more locations, items, and cars.Apple has expanded this functionality in some small iOS 15 updates, so this is a pretty safe bet.


Apple has announced that it is working on a Tap to Pay feature that lets you use your iPhone to receive contactless payments. Apple employees at Apple Park headquarters already have this feature, so we know it's real. The public release of iOS 16 could compete with services like Square.We assume it will be built into Wallet, although this is not a sure thing (perhaps it could be one of those new applications).

8. Compatible Devices

Rather than another new feature, we thought of a very important change in iOS 16.Based on reports and the history of Apple's iOS releases, it appears that iOS 16 will reduce compatibility for many iPhones.

The iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus and iPhone SE (16st gen) do not appear to be compatible with iOS 15.The phones all received iOS 16, a year behind Apple's usual software timeline.However, they don't seem to see the same support for iOS XNUMX, as the hardware has become too unreliable to run the new software.

Hopefully iOS 16 is more popular than iOS 15

When Apple released iOS 15, many fans were disappointed by the lack of new features compared to previous years' versions.With some big changes set in iOS 16, hopefully the 2022 update will be more popular than the 2021 update.

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