What is Apple One?How to enroll in Apple One on any device

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Want to save some money on your Apple subscription?You can follow the steps below to registerApple one.

what isApple one?

Apple One is a subscription service that allows you to get Apple Music, Apple Arcade, Apple TV+ and more Apple services for a reduced monthly fee.If you use any of these services, subscribing to Apple One may be able to save you money.However, you must have an Apple device to sign up for Apple One, and you can't sign up through the website.

If you want to sign up for Apple One, next, we'll show you how to sign up on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

on iPhone or iPad

If you have an iPhone or iPad, you can sign up for Apple One directly on your device.Your subscription will be charged to the card or payment method you purchased in the App Store, and you'll get a partial refund for any Apple subscription you've already paid for.

To sign up, open the Settings app and tap your name at the top.Then, tap Subscriptions > Get Apple One


From there, just choose the Apple One plan you want to subscribe to.If you've never signed up before, you can sign up for a free trial of Apple One.Here, you should also check and cancel any subscriptions you may have forgotten.

on Mac

To sign up for Apple One on your Mac, open System Preferences and click your Apple ID at the top.Then, click Media and Purchases.Once here, you should see the Subscriptions tab.Next to this tab, you'll see a link to manage subscriptions.


After clicking this button, the app store will open and you'll see a button to try Apple One.Just click here to choose your subscription plan and sign up.After completing the registration steps, you will successfully subscribe to Apple One.

Get huge discounts on Apple One

Apple One gives you access to the best of Apple apps with a single subscription.By signing up, you can get music, TV shows, games, and even extra iCloud storage.This makes Apple One one of the best bundles available to people in the Apple ecosystem.


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