How to View and Clear Download History in Firefox

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Firefox on Windows, Mac, and Linux tracks everything you download in its library, unless you're using private browsing mode and just turned it off.To erase tracks in other ways, you'll need to do this manually.The process is as follows.

First, openFirefox browser.In any Firefox window, click the menu button (three lines) and select "Download".Alternatively, you can press Ctrl+J (Command+J on Mac) on your keyboard.


Firefox's "Library" window will open, focusing on the "Downloads" history in the left sidebar.You'll see a list of downloads in progress or completed, where you can do several things like click the small folder icon next to any entry in the list to see the current location of the downloaded file.


To remove a single downloaded file from the download history, right-click the entry in the list and select "Remove from History" in the short menu that appears.Don't worry, this will not delete files stored on your computer.


To clear your entire Firefox download history in the Library > Downloads window, click the Clear Downloads button on the toolbar.

Clearing your download history in Firefox will not affect or delete files you save to your device.If you want to delete the file itself, you need to find its download location and delete it manually.


After you click Clear Downloads, your download history will disappear and you can safely close the Library window.

Firefox's "Private" mode will temporarily record your download history while you're still using "Private" mode, but your download history will be automatically deleted once you close all "Private" windows.

It's important to note that downloaded files aren't automatically deleted: Firefox forgets it downloaded them, but if you don't want them hanging around, you'll have to manually delete them from your computer's storage.



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