5 Relaxing Stress-Free Games To Make Your Night Cozy

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Have you ever had a day when you wanted to sit back and play, but RPGs, shooters, and action games full of battles and demons seemed too stressful?

Well, try these relaxing games.Every game on this list is designed to reduce anxiety, depression, or disruptive thoughts, as well as be an easy, fun, and stress-free visual experience.


Here are five of our favorite games you should try.

1. Tetris Effect: Connected


Tetris has been popular since its debut on the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1984.Since then, people have had incredible skills with both the classic NES version and the modern version.

However, Tetris Effect brings together everything that makes the franchise so special. Tetris Effect: Connected lets you test your skills, solve puzzles, and many other modes to simply relax and clear lines of blocks.

Some of the most relaxing modes include a cold marathon with no endgame, quick play where you can play any unlocked level and set a constant speed, and themed areas around sea creatures, breezes, and the rest of the world.The music effects in Tetris are also amazing, which adds to the satisfaction that comes with clearing every line.

Tetris even has scientific research on its mental health benefits. A 2018 article from NPR explained how one can get into a fluid state while playing Tetris, an excellent way to relieve anxiety.

Psychologist Kate Sweeny, an expert on the subject, explains that Tetris puts you in a state of flow, "where you are totally absorbed or engaged...you lose your sense of self. , time flies. This allows you to reduce those obsessive, intrusive thoughts that come with anxiety or OCD.

Download: Tetris Effect: Connected for Steam (PC) | Nintendo Switch | PlayStation | Xbox

2. Life Is Strange


Life Is Strange The series is a game some people have jumped into and become obsessed with, while others have completely ignored its existence.

Life Is Strange is full of narrative gameplay, and the main purpose is to get you involved in its story.You play as a high school photographer named Max who loves taking pictures with her instant camera.Throughout the game, taking a photo is optional by talking to a person, and you can take a photo at any time by using the in-game photo mode.

While it's not an open-world game, it still gives you the freedom to wander around specific scenes and photograph whatever your artistic eye finds.The amazing story also grabs your attention and you don't want to get away.It's the perfect video game for relaxing at night.

Download: Life Is Strange for Steam (PC) | PlayStation | Xbox

3. Spiritfarer


Spiritfarer is a special indie game that explores the concepts of death and the afterlife of souls in a way no other game has.

You play as Stella; throughout the game, you meet several souls with interesting personalities and take care of them on your ship. Spiritfarer is a 2D platformer where you have enough freedom to decide what to do next, so you're not stressed out by timed activities or forced to do one mission and not another.

Travel across the map on your ship while gathering materials through mining, fishing, and crafting.You can then use these materials to add to your ship.Finally, once your soul decides to move on, you say goodbye to them, which is a moving experience.

You can even play two-player co-op with friends by playing as Stella's cat, enjoying relaxing music and beautiful art together.

Download: Spiritfarer for Steam (PC) | Nintendo Switch | PlayStation | Xbox

4. Coffee talk


On Coffee talk , you play as the barista at a local coffee shop, open late into the night, serving a variety of anthropomorphic mythical creatures and humans.

The gameplay is like a visual novel where you get to know the background of every customer who walks into your store.Once a customer orders, you prepare drinks with three ingredients; some drinks you have recipes for, while others you have to unlock throughout the game.

The art style of Coffee Talk is very simple and unique, preparing drinks with loose music creating a lovely atmosphere.While it's a fairly short game, Coffee Talk is simply another fantastic and affordable relaxing game to play while sipping your own coffee creations, and one of the best indie games on Nintendo Switch.

Download: Coffee Talk for Steam (PC) | Nintendo Switch | PlayStation | Xbox



GREYis a beautiful indie game inspired by watercolor and hand drawn animation.Each level exudes a certain atmosphere, with simple but unique puzzles to solve, and giving your character's clothes new abilities to move around in various areas.

Although the game has no dialogue, it is not needed to feel the emotions of young girls.Art and music speak for themselves, and the fear and sadness she feels in her own world finds a metaphorical resonance here.

GRIS is an absolutely gorgeous game, but it's fairly short and can be played in a few hours.At $16.99 on Steam, it seems a little pricey.However, you can add it to your wishlist and wait for it to hit the market, because GRIS is a beautiful game that everyone needs to experience.

Download: GRIS for Steam (PC) | Nintendo Switch | PlayStation | Xbox

enjoy a comfortable night

Every game on this list deserves a recommendation.Tetris Effect is a special game that has been scientifically proven to reduce intrusive thinking and general anxiety in players.The other games on this list just give you a relaxing experience without giving you one stressful mission after another.Most importantly, every game gives you a sense of freedom that we all need from time to time.

Life Is Strange will also inspire you to get into instant photography and may help you think differently about how to live in the moment rather than wanting to replay those moments over and over again.When Max Caulfield discovered she could turn back time, she perfectly explained the feeling: "I wish I could stay in this moment forever. Well, I think I can now. But it won't be a moment."


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