20 of the funniest sites for your best sense of humor

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Comedy is a diverse genre; no two people have exactly the same taste.However, with the advent of the internet, that didn't matter.There really is something for everyone out there - from low-fashion to high-fun, cheesy to sarcastic.


Let's start with the most interesting sites on the web:

1. English.com


English.comIt seemed like a fitting start to this list.This is a website devoted to pictures of errors in English, usually in foreign countries.

Let's be clear, there's absolutely no shame in making mistakes when English isn't your first language, but this fun site usually focuses on mistakes businesses make, and there's really no excuse.

2. Eel Slap


If you like people getting slapped in the face with an eel, this is the site for you.The concept is simple; there's a person on the screen, and you can move your mouse cursor around and slap him as much as you want.

It's a great way to vent your frustrations when you're having a bad day, if for no other reason!

3. Funny Short Jokes


If you're pressed for time and need a short joke to lighten your day, head over to Funny Short Jokes.If you like one-liners, it's one of the funniest sites on the web.

Unfortunately, only a few new jokes are added each month, but you can dig through a massive back catalog.Jokes also have a Reddit-like up/down vote system, so you can quickly find which quips other readers like.

4. Passive Aggressive Passwords


We've all been there; you open a new account on a website and don't know what to use for the password.After all, there is a limit to the number of times you can reuse "password123".

Passive Aggressive Passwords is a fun password generator that hopefully will make you remember your new credentials while making you smile.

5. The Onion


If sarcasm is more to your taste, you must have heard of it The Onion .It's one of the best satire sites on the web.

Operating out of Chicago, the site uses current events to create parody stories, editorials, op-eds and interviews.Comedian Bob Odenkirk said publicly: " The Onion is the best comedy in the country and has been since its inception. "

6. Memedroid


If you're looking for the best meme site to bring you laughs, check out Memedroid.

It has tens of thousands of memes for you to mine and rank.These memes are easy to find and browse thanks to the categories on the left panel.You can view by latest, top, random, favorite and ranked.

And, if you're a meme expert, you can even upload your own meme for others to view and rank.

7. Overheard in New York


Overheard in New York lets New York residents submit snippets of conversations they hear in their daily lives in New York.

It has become so popular that it has spawned several sister sites (like The Office and The Beach) and a book of most popular quotes.

8. quickmeme


Another interesting memo site is Quickmeme.Its content isn't as easy to navigate as Memedroid, but it's worth adding to your bookmarks list if you want a quick laugh.

There is an easy way to rank every memo on your site.You can click "like" or "hate".Needless to say, the more "likes" a memo has, the more likely it will be displayed.

9. Cyanide and Happiness


Cyanide and Happiness is one of the most recognizable webcomics on the internet.It's funny, ironic, political, and sometimes offensive.But you're sure to have a good laugh as you click through thousands of pictures.

The comic also has an active Discord where fans can gather, a YouTube channel, and even a comic-themed mini-game.

10 People of Walmart


Who knew photos of people shopping at Walmart could be so hilarious?The site is a seemingly endless directory of people who do silly things, dress oddly, or behave oddly.

You can even submit a photo of yourself if you spot something noteworthy while visiting the supermarket chain.

11 The Daily Mash


The Daily Mash takes a cue from The Onion; it provides a steady stream of satirical news stories.However, The Onion is largely US-centric, while The Daily Mash focuses on UK-themed stories.

12 Cheezburger


Cheezburger is a mix of funny videos, pictures, memes and other easily digestible content.It has been online since 2007 and has grown into one of the most popular sites on the internet, with millions of hits every day.

At one point, the site became so popular that it became a reality show on Bravo TV.

13 The Oatmeal


The Oatmeal's brand is "comics, quizzes and stories", and its biggest highlight is the comics crafted by its founder, Matthew Inman.The content itself is varied and covers everything from English to computer use.

Each piece on the site requires a lot of input; in a 2010 interview with the Los Angeles Times, Inman said it took him about eight hours to create each image.

14 xkcd


Another geek favorite, xkcd is a webcomic, usually themed around science, math, and computers.People are represented as sticker people.

It is the work of Randall Munroe, who uploaded the first 2005 sketches in 13.The site has led to three spinoff books.

15 Awkward Family Photos


Most homes have at least one picture on their walls that will make you shudder every time you see it.

This site organizes all those pictures in one place; from carefully crafted family photos to the perfect snapshot, you can finally feel safe because you're not the only one with a shoebox of embarrassing photos.

16 Find the Invisible Cow


Everyone knows the "warmer/colder" game we played when we were kids trying to find things.Well, Find the Invisible Cow is a digital version of the game.You need to tap around the screen as the prompts get more or less crazy.

When you finally click on the cow, you'll hear a satisfying "moo" sound.This is a fun and fun game.

17 9GAG


If you want GIFs and memes, 9GAG will be your first stop.

Its up/down system means you'll discover new content every time you visit, while the frequently updated "Featured" section usually focuses on media hotspots at any given time.

The site has also launched mobile apps for iOS and Android, and now has a thriving Reddit-like community.

18 Dilbert


If you want reality-based comic strips, look no further than Dilbert.It was first launched in 1989 and has now been published in many national newspapers and magazines.

The comic follows Dilbert - the protagonist of the striptease - through the mundaneities of modern office life.

19 Reddit Jokes


As we all know, Reddit is a treasure trove of information, no matter what type of content you're looking for.The site is no exception when it comes to hilarious jokes.

The r/Jokes subreddit is packed with funny stand-ups, hilarious monologues, and everything in between.With 2300 million subscribers, dozens of new jokes are posted every hour.You won't be able to stop laughing.

20 The Laughline


If you prefer traditional jokes to some of the more "modern" forms of humor on the web, check out The Laughline.

The site has been online for over 10 years.During this time, it has put together an impressive collection of hilarious stories, talk shows and party jokes.

meet interesting sites

No doubt, we have only scratched the surface in this article.There are thousands of websites out there, all of them trying to make you laugh.Many of these sites go undiscovered in little corners of the web.

Just be careful not to spend too much time laughing or you won't have time for other things.

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