How to Improve Your Android Phone's Gaming Performance

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Did you know you can tweak some options on your Android phone to make your games run smoother?These are some easy changes to make, and you don't even need root access to use most of these Android game optimization tips.


Next, let's take a look at some of the best ways to make your Android phone better for gaming.

1. Change the screen refresh rate

The higher the screen refresh rate, the better the visual experience you will get from the game and the smoother the animations.Switching to a high screen refresh rate is one of the easiest ways to improve gaming performance on Android without root.

Many Android devices -- including flagship models like Samsung and OnePlus -- allow you to change the screen refresh rate.If you change it to the highest refresh rate your phone offers, you can greatly improve the visuals of your games.


On phones that support this feature (not all phones do), you can increase the refresh rate by:

1. Launch the Settings app on your phone and tap Display.

2. Select Advanced on the screen that appears.

3. Click the refresh rate.

4. Select the highest possible refresh rate from the options on the screen.

Since there are different flavors of Android, the exact steps will be different for different devices.If you can't find an option, check your exact phone model online and make sure your device has a high display refresh rate.

2. Switch to a fast internet connection

If you play online games on your Android phone, the speed of your internet connection can affect your gaming performance.This is because your game needs to constantly send and receive data.If you have a bad internet connection, this data transfer will take longer.In turn, your gaming experience is ruined.

So, to make sure your online games are as smooth and lag-free as your offline games, consider using a fast internet connection while you're gaming.

You can use any fast enough connection.It could be a Wi-Fi connection or even a mobile data connection, especially if you have access to 5G.

3. Enable Force 4x

Force 4x MSAA (Multi-Sampling Anti-Aliasing) is an option on some Android phones that can greatly improve game quality.This is by far the best developer options setting to improve Android gaming performance.

Force 4x MSAA improves your performance and graphics in OpenGL 2.0 applications and games.

Most phones have this feature disabled because it drains the battery very quickly.If you don't care much about battery life and want the best gaming experience on your phone, you can turn this feature on.

Keep in mind that not all phones support Force 4x.If your phone supports it, here's how to enable it:

1. Open the Settings app, tap About phone, and then tap the build number seven times.Your phone should show that you are a developer.


2. Return to the main settings menu and tap System.

3. Click Developer Options.

4. Find the option that says Force 4x MSAA and turn it on.


If these steps don't work for you, use the top search bar in the Settings app to quickly search for Force 4x.Remember, developer options must be enabled first.

4. Delete junk from your phone

The more files you store on your phone, the slower your phone will be.

If you have any files on your phone that you don't plan to use anymore, you should delete those files to improve your phone's performance.This performance increase will have a positive impact on your gaming sessions.

Your Android phone collects junk from many places.Leftovers from apps you didn't install, old media files, and unused files are all part of this junk.

In fact, you can use the built-in features of many Android phones to find unused files and safely delete them from your phone.Here's how you can find and use this feature:

1. Go to Settings on your phone and tap Storage.


2. Click the Free up space button.

3. Select the item you no longer use, and then tap Release in the lower right corner.

5. EnableDolby AtmosSound effects

Dolby AtmosThe sound greatly enhances the audio quality of your game.If you have an Android phone that supports this feature, you can turn it on and enjoy better sound quality in games.

Most Samsung Galaxy phones have this feature, which you can turn on and off from the settings menu.Here's how:

1. Open the Settings app on your phone and tap Sound & Vibration.

2. Tap Sound Quality and Effects on the screen below.

3. Turn on Dolby Atmos.

6. Use the Game Booster app

With more and more people playing games on their Android phones, there are now apps that optimize your Android device for gaming.

These game booster apps adjust various options on your phone to make sure your phone plays games smoothly, and they also turn off notifications so you won't be interrupted while playing.You don't need to optimize every option manually because the app does it for you with just one click.

Game Booster is a free game optimization application that you can use to make your Android device suitable for games.And, if your Android phone has a game mode, make sure you enable it every time you want to play.

7. Use mobile gaming accessories

In addition to software, you can also make hardware changes to improve the game on your Android device.

For example, you can buy an external game controller to play games on your phone.This controller will help you better control your movements in the game.


These onesgame componentMost of them are easy to install.You just plug them into your phone and they start working.

8. Overclocking mobile phone CPU

Finally, more hands-on opportunities for true mobile game lovers.Overclocking your phone's CPU allows you to extract more power from the same processor.This allows your game to handle more items at once, improving the gaming environment.

You can overclock the CPU of most Android phones.However, keep in mind that you will need to root your phone before overclocking.If you're not sure what rooting is, it's best not to do this, or you risk burning your device.

To overclock an Android phone, you need to first install a custom kernel.Then you can use something like the popularFranco KernelManagerSuch an application to overclock your CPU.Overclocking will make your phone run hotter and shorten your battery life, but it can squeeze every drop of power out of your device.

Optimizing Android for Gaming

If your Android device is your primary gaming console, the above tips will help you improve the performance of games on your phone.A few minor tweaks will make your device better handle all your favorite games.

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