How to Switch iPhone Easily and Keep All Data

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Apple releases new versions every year iPhone.While buying a new phone is always exciting, spending time moving all your important data around can be tedious.

Fortunately, your Apple ID and iCloud account are designed to allow iPhone The switching is as smooth as possible.It only takes a few steps.

The following ishow is itA simple tutorial to easily switch from one iPhone to another.

how is itSwitch iPhone

Save your current iPhone data

First, we need to make sure your current iPhone's data is safe in the event of a problem.This means making backups.

1.Open the Settings app and tap your name at the top of the screen, then iCloud.

2.Make sure all applications you want to save data from are open.Probably the most important of these is照片, it should openiCloud photosOptions.

The iCloud menu on iPhone, showing all the apps you can save data from.All toggle buttons are highlighted.

Make sure you have saved the data you want to transfer.

3.Once you've opened everything you want to save, click " iCloud backup"and make sure it's turned on, then click"Backup Now".

An iPhone menu that lets you back up data to iCloud.

Turn on backup and save your data.

Your iPhone will take a few minutes to save everything to iCloud.

Unpair if you have an Apple Watch

Switching iPhones also means switching devices connected to the iPhone, such as the Apple Watch.

Before you get rid of your current iPhone, you should unpair your Apple Watch.This will erase all its data, but it will be restored once you link it to the new iPhone.

  1. Open the Watch app on your iPhone, then tap in the upper left cornerall watches.
  2. Click next to the watch namethe little "i" icon forAnd selectUnpair Apple Watch.
Three images in the iPhone Watch app showing how to unpair the watch.
Select your watch and unpair it from your iPhone. 

Your Apple Watch will take a few minutes to reset.

Turn on your new iPhone and transfer your data

Once your data is protected, it's time to replace your iPhone.

There are two ways to do this: use the quickstart feature, or use your backup.

hint:Alternatively, you can set up your new iPhone without transferring any data, then email yourself any photos, videos or files you want and re-save.However, while this may give you more control over the data you carry, it will take more time.

Use the quickstart

1.Connect the new iPhone to the charger and turn it on, then keep the old iPhone nearby.

2.A popup should appear on your old iPhone asking if you want to use your Apple ID to set up the new iPhone.tapcarry on.

A picture of an iPhone showing a popup asking the user if they want to use their Apple ID to set up a new iPhone.

When prompted for a quick start, click Continue. 

3.Wait for the animation to appear on the screen of the new iPhone, then follow the instructions to place the old iPhone on the new iPhone.

4.On your new iPhone, enter your passcode and set up Face ID or Touch ID, then log in to your Apple ID account.

5. SystemYou'll be asked if you want to transfer data directly from your old iPhone or restore data from an iCloud backup.Choose either option.

Keep the devices turned on and close to each other until your new iPhone is ready to use.

Use iCloud backup

1.Turn on the new iPhone by connecting it to the charger.

2.Follow the on-screen instructions.Make sure you are connected to a Wi-Fi network.

3.ArrivalsApps and Datascreen, clickRestore from iCloud Backupand log into your Apple ID account.

iPhone displays a screen titled "Apps & Data" where you can choose how to restore iPhone data."Restore from iCloud Backup" is selected.

Restore your data from iCloud.

4.Select the backup from which you want to restore data—probably the most recent backup.

Keep your iPhone connected to Wi-Fi until the backup transfer is complete.

Once done, you can pair your Apple Watch with your new iPhone and start using it as your primary device.You can also keep using your old iPhone if you want.

switch SIM

Your iPhone's SIM card is a small data chip that contains your phone number and cell phone carrier account information.If you plan to use this new iPhone as your primary phone, you'll also need to replace the SIM card.

note:Most major cell phone carriers make it easy to switch SIM cards between phones, but you should check with your specific carrier to see if they require any extra steps.

1.Find the SIM card slot on your old iPhone.It's on the right side of the phone and looks like an oblong shape with a hole at one end.

2.Insert a SIM card ejection tool or paper clip into the hole until the SIM card tray pops out.


3.Remove the tray and remove the SIM card.

4.Open the new iPhone's SIM card tray, place the old iPhone's SIM card in it, and slide the tray back until you hear a click.

You can also slide the old iPhone's now-empty SIM card tray back inside.It will still work even without a SIM card - but you won't be able to make calls or send SMS text messages.

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