How to delete previous google searches from history?

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If you want to go back to something you've looked up before, it can be useful to record everything you've googled.But you might want to clear recent private searches, or reduce the amount of data Google has about you.

We'll show you how to delete previous searches on Google.This includes Google search history associated with your account, as well as browser history.

How to remove previous searches from your Google Account

By default, Google keeps track of all searches you make while logged into your Google account on any device.If you're not logged into Google when you do the search you want to delete, you can skip to the next section, which covers clearing your browser history.

To delete previous searches one by one, just click inside the search bar on the Google homepage and you'll see a list.Select Delete next to a recent search to delete it.


This works well for quickly deleting some recent searches, but it's too slow if you want to clear all previous Google searches.To do this, click on your profile picture in the upper right corner of Google and select Manage Your Google Account.

Here, select Data & Privacy on the left sidebar.In the History settings box, open the Network and App Activity section.Next, click "Manage All Network and App Activity" and you'll see a running log of everything you've done recently using Google services.

Next to each block labeled "Search", click the "X" button in the upper right to delete that item.To make it easier to see only your Google search history, click "Filter by date and product" at the top, then just tick the search box.


At the top of the list, you can search for the specific term you want to delete.Use Delete Activity on the left sidebar to clear your most recent Google searches within a preset time period, such as the past hour or day, or since a certain date.

You can also click the auto-delete option at the top of the list to periodically delete your Google search history.This allows you to clear your Google history every three months, 18 months or three years.Of course, you can still manually delete the history at any time.

Prevent Google from saving search history in the future

You can delete your previous Google searches as much as you want, but doing it manually all the time can get tedious.Instead, you can prevent Google from continuing to save any of your search history.

To do this, go back to the main "Web and App Activity" page and click Close.Doing so will prevent Google from using your activity on Search and other Google services to personalize your experience.It also prevents recent searches from appearing on Google's homepage and prevents the company from logging your searches in the future.


If you often find yourself wanting to delete all your previous searches on Google, using this switch can save you some time.While you're here, keep in mind that search tracking is just one of many ways Google stores your information.You may want to explore other activity controls and disable them for more privacy.

How to Edit Your Google History on Android or iPhone

To open the same interface on a mobile device to delete recent Google searches on the move, open the Google app and tap your profile picture in the top right corner.Select Manage your Google account and you'll be taken to the mobile version of this page.From here, you can make the same changes as above under Privacy & Personalization > Web & App Activity > Manage All Web & App Activity.

You can also click Search History to jump directly to this panel.Deleting the last 15 minutes of shortcuts is handy if you need to clear recent searches.

How to delete previous Google searches from browser history

When you want to delete all your searches, Google logging your previous search history on your account is only half the task.As you probably know, your browser keeps a record of every page you visit in its own history.Therefore, you next need to clear previous Google searches from your browsing history.

We will demonstrate how to do this with the Chrome browser.Open the three-dot menu at the top right and click History > History to open the interface.The keyboard shortcut Ctrl+H (Windows) or Cmd+Y (Mac) also jumps here.

On this page, check the box next to each history you want to delete.Once you've selected them, click the delete button at the top of the page to delete them from your history.If the search you want to delete is scattered, use the search bar at the top to only show entries.


The Clear Browsing Data tool on the left side of the History page allows you to delete your browsing history faster than manually deleting items.You can use the Ctrl + Shift + Del shortcut from anywhere in the Chrome browser to open it.

Here you can use the Basic or Advanced tabs to delete browsing history, as well as other kinds of history such as cookies and cached data. Chrome lets you choose a time period to delete history; when you're ready, click Clear Data.

Use private browsing to avoid storing old searches


While it's easy to clear out previous Google searches, doing so on a regular basis is a waste of time.For efficiency, you should use your browser's private (or incognito) mode so it doesn't save this history in the first place.

In Chrome, open the top right menu and select New incognito window (or press Ctrl+Shift+N) to open a new private window.

Your browser doesn't log anything you do in an anonymous window.Because you're not logged into any account, you can use Google without it recording your searches.The browser will not save any history entries for this session.

Of course, you are not invisible in private browsing.Websites can still track your work and visit your location.If you're on a monitored network, like at a business or school, anonymity doesn't hide your activity from administrators.But it's handy when you just want to avoid tying some Google searches to your account and browser history.

Delete previous google searches and move on

Now, you know how to clear recent searches in Google so they don't show up anywhere about you.Once you've cleared them from your Google activity and browser history, they're effectively gone unless you search on a web that logs all your traffic.

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