How to Save Web Pages as PDFs on Android

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You may have come across some interesting things while browsing the web and need to save them to your phone, but you don't see the download button.An easy way to capture your screen is through Android's built-in screenshot feature.

However, if you want a shareable document format with all the text preserved, you can print the web page on your phone asPDF.Next, we'll show you how to save any web page on your Android phone asPDFfile.

You must have a PDF viewer or reader app installed

If you want to capture the text and image content of any web page on the Internet into a PDF file, you first need to install a PDF reader or viewer application.Android doesn't natively have the ability to output PDF files, and without a PDF reader app, your phone won't know how to handle such a task.

The Play Store has many PDF apps to choose from, and you can choose the one you like best.

How to Save Web Pages as PDFs on Android

Follow these steps to download any web page as a PDF file:

1. Open the web page you want to save as PDF.

2. Click the three-dot action menu (also known as the vertical ellipsis) in the upper-right corner of your web browser.Its location may vary if a different browser is used or if the browser's layout has been changed.



3. Select the Share icon.

4. Select your PDF app from the list that pops up on your phone, and Android should start downloading the web page.


Your phone may save webpages as PDFs in your Downloads folder by default, but if you change this default in your phone's file browser, PDFs may be saved elsewhere.

Capture anything online in PDF format

It's very easy to download any web page in PDF format on your Android phone. A PDF reader app does the heavy lifting.Or, if you want to browse the internet without a connection, you can use an Android app to save content for offline viewing.


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