How to scan with Microsoft Defender Antivirus on Windows 11

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Microsoft's antivirus software has come a long way since the advent of Microsoft Security,Microsoft DefenderA full-scale battle against the best third-party antivirus software available.

Microsoft Defender Antivirus software and all scanning options can be found in the Windows Security window.You can turn on Windows Security in several ways.

Open Windows Defender from the taskbar

Windows Security has an icon on the taskbar of every Windows 11 computer.The icon is a small blue shield.If you have any security-related notifications, it may show something extra like a small yellow triangle.


Click the icon to open Windows Security, then click "Virus and threat protection".

Open Windows Defender Antivirus from the Start Menu

You can also access Windows Defender Antivirus from the Start menu.Click the "Start" button, type "Windows Security" in the search bar, then hit Enter or click "Open".


Then, click "Virus and threat protection" to open the Windows Defender Antivirus window.

How to run a scan

If you don't have a lot of time to run a scan, click "Quick Scan".A quick scan will just check your startup folder and registry to make sure nothing malicious is hiding in those two places.

More advanced options

However, a quick scan isn't the only scan method available to you.Click "Scan Options" to see more options.


Here's what all options do:

1. Quick Scan - Quick Scan will check your startup folder and registry for viruses.

2. Full Scan - Full Scan will scan every file and folder on your computer, the registry, all startup items, and can also be configured to scan network connected drives.A full scan may take several hours, depending on how much storage you have and how fast your computer is - you should probably wait and run a full scan when you don't need your computer for a few hours.

3. Custom Scan - Custom Scan can be set up to target any folder you want.

4. Microsoft Guard Offline Scan - Offline scan can be used when malware is difficult to remove while the operating system (Windows 11) is active.Running a scan offline scans your computer for malware before the operating system loads, giving antivirus software a chance to clean it if it can't protect itself.Malware may have written itself into a place that antivirus software cannot remove, or it may actively prevent antivirus software from removing it under normal circumstances.

Select the type of scan you want and click "Scan Now".


Give the scan time to run.If malware is detected, Microsoft Defender will suggest ways to deal with the problem.You should follow these suggestions.

It's that simple, and if you feel the need to run a scan of your Windows 11 computer, you can always start.

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