How to access the full Disney+ catalog

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ThisDisney +When it first launched in the U.S., basically all of the catalog was family-friendly.The library includes Marvel movies, classic Disney animations, every episode of The Simpsons, Pixar movies and other Disney brands.

right now,Disney +'s library contains more mature content, including TV shows like Tekken, The Punisher, and Jessica Jones (all of which originally aired on Netflix).Other regions already had adult-oriented content before this, but in the US, it exists on Hulu alone.

Therefore, Disney+ users need to set a content rating for each profile on their account.By doing this, you can limit the types of movies and TV shows someone can watch, or set no restrictions if you want to watch everything in the Disney+ catalog.

How to set content ratings on Disney+ when signed in

When Disney+ brought Marvel Netflix programming to the platform, it marked the first mature content to come to Disney+ in the US.So the service added a content rating setting to each profile, a feature that already exists in other regions.

From March 2022, 3, when you log into your Disney+ account for the first time, you'll see a screen to set a content rating for your primary profile.This will limit the type of content you can watch on Disney+, based on its parental rating.

On this screen, you can select the full catalog of TV-MA (equivalent to no rating restrictions), or select Not Now and set it later (TV-14 rating applies).

Depending on your choice, you'll be prompted for a password, with the option to set a password to protect your profile, and then you can set a content rating for any other profile on the account.

But what happens if you don't see this when you log in?Or have you changed your mind about content settings?Read on.

How to adjust the content rating of any profile on Disney+

Assuming you're the account owner, you can adjust your content rating settings at any time.Content ratings apply to each profile.For example, this means you can have one account with no restrictions and another with TV-14 restrictions.

1. Select your profile icon.On a web browser, it's at the top right.On mobile, it's in the bottom right corner.On a smart TV, navigate to the left and it's at the top of the menu.


2. Select Edit Profile.

3. Select a configuration file to edit.

4. Select Content Rating.


5. Select a content rating.To access the full catalog, choose the highest rating (eg TV-MA in the US or 18+ in the UK).


6. Select Save.

During this process, you may be prompted for a password.This is to verify that you are the account owner.


Additionally, when editing a profile, in the same menu that selects a content rating, you can also choose a profile password.This allows you to set a four-digit PIN that must be entered to access the profile.This is useful if you have multiple profiles with different content levels.It ensures that someone on a more restrictive profile cannot simply switch to an unrestricted profile and watch what they want.

Disney+ is for everyone

While the original launch of Disney+ was more family-focused, the service has opened up and offers movies and TV shows aimed at a more mature audience -- especially outside the U.S., with the consolidation of star brands.So it's critical to apply these content rating protections to every Disney+ profile so young people don't watch something that's not for them.


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