How to install Nothing Launcher on any Android phone

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in spite ofNothing LauncherCompatibility was limited at launch, but you can still install it today on most modern Android phones.

London-based startup Nothing has been gearing up to launch its first smartphone, the Nothing Phone (1).Although little was revealed about the phone at the March event, the company promised a near-native Android experience with the Nothing operating system.

While we didn't get a specific release date for the phone itself, Nothing announced that its launcher would be coming to Android in April 2022.As promised, we finally have the Nothing launcher to download.

where to downloadNothing Launcher?

As promised, you can find the beta version of Nothing Launcher on the Google Play Store.Unfortunately, unless you own a Google Pixel 5/6 or a Samsung phone in the S21 or S22 series, you'll get a compatibility bug.However, if you do own one of these devices, you're in luck.

Nothing has announced that more devices will be added to the compatible list soon.If you've been wondering why something as simple as a launcher doesn't work on more than half a dozen phones, it's because it actually does.

Multiple users have successfully installed Nothing Launcher via the APK file.For example, inOnePlus Northfully up and running.


Download: Nothing Launcher (Free)

How to install Nothing Launcher

Thanks to APK Mirror, you can now experience Nothing Launcher on your phone.The launcher can be easily installed on any device running Android 10 and above.

However, since this is a beta version we install on technically unsupported hardware, some bugs may occur.

Now, you can follow these simple instructions to complete the installation:

1. Download on your phone using the link aboveNothing Launcher APK.

2. After downloading, open the file.If this is the first time you've installed an APK file, a popup will appear saying that the installation source could harm your device.You can get around this by hitting "Settings" and ticking the toggle for "Allow apps from this source".

3. Click Install and wait a moment.Unlike traditional APK installs, you can't open the app right away.

4. Navigate to Settings > Apps > Default Apps and select Nothing Launcher under the Home Screen section.

Now, you can start setting up your new home screen.

Nothing Launcher Quick Review

Nothing borrows OnePlus' marketing tricks to pitch even the most trivial things.When the company showed off the Nothing launcher on stage, it seemed fairly bare-bones, and it was still fairly lackluster at launch.

This launcher takes a fairly clean and minimalist approach.While some may prefer this way, the lack of Google discovery information might be a bit too much.The automatically applied default wallpaper is also an eyesore when trying to see anything on the home screen.


In addition to changing the icon pack and grid size, you can also zoom in on individual apps and folders on the home screen.As far as OEM launchers go, this is a somewhat unique concept.You can also quickly open apps placed in the enlarged folder by tapping the top.With a little effort, it can be one of the better minimalist launchers for Android.


Aside from its partnership with Snapdragon and Google, the only thing Nothing announced on stage was a set of custom widgets.You'll get two time widgets, an analog and a digital widget, and a weather widget, all of which follow a signature lattice design.

in conclusion

While there's nothing inherently wrong with Nothing Launcher, it feels like a rushed project that doesn't quite live up to the hype.Going forward, we hope that Nothing will add aGoogle Discover feedAnd provide more gadgets.

As it stands, the Nothing launcher is just a viable option for those who want a clean user experience and don't want a third-party launcher.

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