What is the Facebook Protection System and how should you activate it?

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Facebook offers several different security features for users who want to protect their accounts. The Facebook Protection Program is one of them.The program is designed to help people in the public eye, such as political candidates and elected officials, have stronger protections for their Facebook accounts.

you can activateFacebook Protectto improve your account security.So what exactly is it?how can you activate Facebook Protect?

What is Facebook Protect? Is Facebook Protect free?


Facebook Protect is a free security program from Facebook.It provides users with additional security features that may help keep their accounts safe from hackers and others from gaining unauthorized access.

The program does a few different things, including simplifying two-factor authentication (2FA) for Facebook accounts.You need your password and another "authentication factor" to log into Facebook.The second authentication factor is a code sent to your phone, another device, or an app.You will receive a new code every time you log in.

Certain accounts with large platforms or the ability to reach many users may also be required to use Facebook Protect by default.

In early March 2022, some users' accounts were locked until they activated the feature.Many of those users opted out of the program because Facebook had sent spam-like emails telling them they needed to join.They were not notified of Facebook's protection through the platform itself.

The problem isn't as severe as the Facebook outage in 2021.However, the bug did cause many users to lose access to the platform until support was able to help.

Facebook is still rolling out the protection plan, which means that until this point, there are still a lot of users who are ineligible for it.However, even if you're not eligible to use it, you can still activate its many security features and get around the Facebook Protect lock.

How to activate Facebook Protect

1. Click the down arrow at the top right of Facebook.

2. Tap Settings & Privacy, and then tap Settings.

3. Click Security and Login.

4. Click "Start" under the Facebook Protection menu.

After you click "Start," Facebook will provide a brief introduction to the program and scan your account for potential security holes.Protec will then make security recommendations to make your account more secure.Typically, these suggestions will include activating 2FA or adopting a stronger password.

Clicking Fix Now will take you to another menu where you can make these changes to your account.Activating 2FA and changing your password is a fairly straightforward process, which means it shouldn't take too long to launch Facebook Protect and make the suggested security changes.

You may have received an email about activating Facebook protection.If it's legit, it will be from security@facebookmail.com.This URL is the correct address, even if it looks a little odd -- Facebook uses this address instead of the main facebook.com address to send email notifications.

This email will provide instructions to activate Facebook protection, but the steps above will work just fine.

Other Ways to Improve Your Facebook Account Security


Your account may not yet be eligible for Facebook Protect.However, you can still use most of the platform's security features.

For example, all Facebook users can activate two-factor authentication for their accounts.As long as you follow these steps:

1. Go to your security and login settings page.

2. Scroll down to the "Use Two-Factor Authentication" option and click Edit.

3. Select a two-factor authentication method and follow the on-screen instructions.

You can choose from a few different two-factor authentication methods, including your smartphone, another device, a physical security key, or an authenticator app.Either of these methods will provide some extra security to your account.

If you want to use your phone for 2FA, you need to use a phone with a number already associated with your Facebook account.If you haven't added a phone number to your account, you'll need to add it before using your phone for 2FA.

Any Facebook user can also change their password to make it more secure.Of course, you can create your own secure password, or use other resources to craft one that will keep your account secure, such as trying a password manager.

Facebook Protect makes your account more secure

The right security settings can help you protect your Facebook account from hackers, scammers, or anyone else who might want unauthorized access.

Facebook Protect will scan your account for security and make recommendations on how to better protect your account.Not all users can use the program yet, but everyone can take advantage of the program's recommended safety features.


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