How to enable resolution mode on your PS5

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ninth-generation consoles (such asPS5) is the choice between graphics fidelity and performance.This enables console gamers to sacrifice graphical fidelity and resolution for higher frame rates, and vice versa.

PS5The graphics settings are still not as customizable as they are on PC, since it's usually switching between two presets.However, being able to switch between these modes is a valuable feature when you want to be more responsive at higher FPS in shooters or enjoy graphics in a single-player experience.

What are the PS5's resolution modes?

Resolution Mode is the PS5's default, placing graphics fidelity over performance and framerate.As the name suggests, Resolution Mode focuses on higher resolutions and graphics, and runs video games at their maximum resolution, which is usually 5K for most PS4 games.

In doing so, the PS5's resolution mode sacrifices frame rate, capping it to a lower rate, typically half the performance mode frame rate.This compromise allows you to experience your video games in 4K and with gorgeous effects like ray tracing enabled.

The exact difference between resolution mode and performance mode depends on the video game itself.In some games like Doom Eternal, performance mode allows you to slaughter demons at 120FPS, while in resolution mode your slaughter is limited to 60FPS, but the graphics are characterful.

Remember that Resolution Mode and Performance Mode are available for most PS5 games.This means that non-enhanced PS4 games will not be affected by the feature.

You can make the resolution mode your default preference for your PS5 games through PS5 settings.This way, the PS5 will automatically change the game's picture to resolution mode so that you get the best picture the game can display.


1. Go to your PS5's settings.

2. In the Settings page, go to Saved Data and Game/App Settings, then Game Presets.

3. Select Performance Mode or Resolution Mode.A list will appear, including performance modes, resolution modes, and game defaults.

4. Select a resolution mode.

Now your PS5 will automatically set eligible games to resolution mode.

How to enable resolution mode via in-game settings

You can also set your preferred mode individually for each game through in-game settings.This is best if you want to play some games in resolution mode and others in performance mode.


1. Go to the settings of the video game.

2. Navigate to Video/Graphics Settings.

3. Change the performance mode to a higher resolution or equivalent setting.

The title of the settings varies from game to game, but the outline is usually the same.For example, in Elden Ring, higher resolution modes can be found in the game options with "Priority Quality".

Some games also have a third option that usually toggles ray tracing on and off.For example, this option is inDying Light 2 Called Quality Mode in , it allows you to game at 30FPS 1080p with ray tracing turned on, or Doom Eternal The ray tracing mode in , it plays at 60FPS 1080p with ray tracing turned on.

It's important to note that not all games played on PS5 have different graphics modes, but most games should.

Free to choose what you want

Resolution mode is the mode you want if you want to experience the best look of PS5 games.While resolution mode lowers your framerate, in games that don't require quick reflexes, this shouldn't be an issue, especially if resolution mode still runs the game at 60FPS.

Not all games support this feature, but if they do and are designed to provide a visual experience, then you should definitely play them in resolution mode.



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