How to Customize the Quick Settings Panel of a Samsung Galaxy Phone

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Every Android phone has a notification panel, which Samsung calls a quick settings panel on its Galaxy devices.Here, you can control the most basic functions of your phone, such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, sound, airplane mode, and more.

If you want to customize the quick settings panel on your Galaxy, we'll show you how.We'll also recommend seven useful buttons you might want to add to the panel.

How to access the quick settings panel on your Galaxy device

To open the Quick Settings pane, just swipe down on the home screen or the status bar at the top of the screen; you'll see five buttons lined up.Swipe down again to open the entire page and more buttons; a page can contain up to 12 buttons.


For faster navigation, you can swipe down from the status bar with two fingers to see all the buttons on the page directly.Swipe horizontally on a page to go to the next page, where you'll see another set of buttons.Some of them may be more useful to you than others, so it's a good idea to move the ones you use most to the first page.Let's see how.

How to Customize the Quick Settings Panel on a Galaxy Device

To customize the Quick Settings panel, go to the last page and click the Add (+) button.The first thing you'll see is a whole new set of buttons at the top; these aren't active, but can be activated if you find them useful.The number of buttons may vary depending on the device you have and the apps you've downloaded.


Take a look and see if any of these buttons interest you.Long press the buttons you like and drag them to the main page.You can change the position of each button in the same way.Click "Finish" to save your changes.Don't worry if you end up making a mess, you can hit reset to go back to the original arrangement.

7 Quick Settings Buttons You Should Try

Now that you know how to customize the quick settings panel, we have some suggestions for you.

1. Extra Sun

If you are a night owl, this feature is for you.Smartphone users often complain that their screens are too bright at night, even with the brightness turned down to 0%.With extra dimming, you can reduce the brightness below the minimum level.

Just tap the button to see it in action; you can also adjust the strength of the feature by long-pressing the button.Be careful here, though.If you max the Extra Dim's intensity and set the brightness to 0%, you may not be able to see anything on the screen.

Extra Dim will not dim the screenshots you take while using the feature.

2.Dolby Atmos

It's a shame if you haven't tried Dolby Atmos on your Samsung device.Dolby Atmos is a sound technology that simulates surround sound, and you just need to put on the headphones and immediately notice the real difference.


You can also long-press the button to reveal other modes like Music, Movie, and Voice.Dolby Atmos is set to Auto mode by default, which detects what you're hearing and adjusts accordingly.But you can easily change the mode manually.

3. Samsung Kids

For parents looking to create a safe digital environment for their children,Samsung Kids is a great tool where they can play fun games, engage in family-friendly activities, and consume educational content for free.


When you turn on the feature, your device will change its entire user interface and display downloadable games and content.You can also tweak the feature, allow or remove certain permissions, edit the home screen, visualize screen time, and more.

4. QR Scanner

We use QR codes for many activities, such as making quick payments or opening web pages.You may find that many local stores near you put their QR codes at the checkout counters to speed up checkout.

Considering how often we use QR codes, Samsung provides a QR code scanner in the quick settings panel itself.Just click the button, point the camera at the code and scan it.There are also other ways to scan QR codes on your Samsung device.

5. Secure Folder

Secure Folder is Samsung's solution to protect your privacy.It's an isolated space where you can store confidential documents and private content.It's password-protected using your biometrics, which means no one but you can access the files in this folder.

You can move your private images, videos, audio recordings, PDFs and other files to a secure folder and set a password to lock it.

6. Focus Mode and Bedtime Mode

Focus Mode and Bedtime Mode are two very similar functions.The former helps you work better, the latter helps you sleep better.

Focus Mode has two options, Work Time and My Time, but they both do the same thing.When you turn the feature on, your phone blocks all non-essential apps and notifications to minimize distractions.If an app that works for you is blocked, like Microsoft Office or Slack, you can easily set the feature to unblock it manually.

When you turn on Bedtime Mode, your phone will gray out the screen, turn on Do Not Disturb, and mute all incoming calls and notifications without blocking them.All to help you get more and better sleep.

7.Screen Record

If you're a gamer, you've probably downloaded a third-party screen recording app in the past to record gameplay.But it's a lot easier to do if you own a Samsung device.Just activate Samsung Screen Recorder from the quick settings panel, tap it, and select the desired sound setting.


The feature is loaded with some really handy tools you might not have seen on third-party apps.

Get the most out of Quick Setup

The quick settings panel is really handy when you want to change common settings and interact with your device more quickly.Customize panels for quick access to the features you use most to increase your productivity and improve your lifestyle.


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