Do you need third-party antivirus software for your Windows 11 device?

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Windows 11 is a phenomenal upgrade; we're delighted with the smooth UI, new start menu, Android smartphone integration, widgets, and more.New features and enhancements make the much-anticipated Windows 11 update worthwhile.

In addition, the latest version of Windows has made a major leap in security.According to Microsoft, Windows 11 is the most secure operating system they have released to date.But does that mean antivirus software is no longer needed for Windows 11 devices?

Windows 11's first line of defense: TPM 2.0


Trusted Platform Module (TPM) is a lesser-known hardware-based security feature that came to the fore with the release of Windows 11. Windows 11 requires a processor that is compatible with TPM 2.0 and Secure Boot, and if these requirements are not met, your PC will be considered incompatible. The TPM is essentially a hardware chip located on your system's motherboard that stores encryption functions.With TPM 2.0 enabled and Secure Boot enabled, malware can no longer attack your Windows 11 system during the boot process.These hardware-based security measures completely eliminate a range of dangerous malware.

Windows 11 has built-in antivirus softwareMicrosoft Defender


Windows 11 comes preinstalled with dedicated antivirus softwareMicrosoft Defender.It used to be the laughing stock of the cybersecurity world, but now, Microsoft Defender has gained a reputation as a star antivirus.Even AV-TEST has declared it to be one of the best performing antivirus software on the market. Microsoft Defender is free, provides efficient real-time and network protection, and requires no separate configuration.You can even set up Smart App Control to strengthen your PC's protection against untrusted services and apps, though those with older systems will need to reset Windows 11 to install Smart App Control.

Do I need a third-party antivirus program for Windows 11?

With the security features of Microsoft Defender, coupled with the hardware security requirements of Windows 11, you can get the most secure Windows ever.

However, as powerful as Microsoft Defender is, it doesn't protect you from malware such as adware, and its real-time protection can falsely flag clean programs and files.It also doesn't offer significant protection against ransomware, which can have serious consequences.

Therefore, if you want to be completely safe from malware, it is best to use third-party antivirus software and combine it with the security features of Windows security. Windows 11 has many excellent antivirus programs to choose from, such asBitdefender, Avast, AVG andKaspersky.

Invest in antivirus software that fits your budget

While Microsoft Defender is incredible, it's not perfect.If you're serious about cybersecurity, then you can invest in an antivirus program that fits your budget to enhance malware protection on Windows 11.


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