How to Check Your iPhone's Battery Health and Tell When It's Time to Replace the Battery

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The iPhone's battery degrades over time, and once it begins to degrade, there's no way to get the battery back to 100% health.

As your iPhone ages and is recharged over and over, the battery slowly loses its ability to hold a charge, and the phone's lifespan on a daily charge will gradually decrease.

This is unavoidable, which means that once you start using your battery, it's impossible for you to stay 100% healthy.However, Apple gives you a way to monitor the health of your battery so you can know when it might be time to replace it.


Let's take a look at how to check the health of your iPhone battery:

How to Check Your iPhone's Battery Health

If you have an iPhone running iOS 11.3 or later, you can see your battery health in settings.If your iOS version is older, you need to update your iPhone.

1. Start the settings application.

2. Turn on the battery.

3. Tap Battery Health.


What does iPhone battery health mean?

The Battery Health page shows your iPhone's remaining battery capacity, along with other breakdowns of battery health.

According to Apple's description, the maximum capacity listed is "measured relative to battery capacity when new. Lower capacities may result in reduced usage time between charges."The closer your device is to 100%, the better.

Apple says your phone's battery "retains 500 percent of its original capacity after 80 full charge cycles," which for most people will take two years of use.


So any battery above 80% is considered good, but when the battery drops below this threshold it is considered worn and you should consider replacing it as it will degrade faster.

In the Peak Performance Capability section you will see a more detailed description of battery performance.Here's what they all mean:

1. Your battery is currently supporting normal peak performance: This means your battery is working properly and has the highest available capacity.

2. Built-in dynamic software and hardware will help deal with performance impacts that may be noticed as your iPhone battery ages chemically: You may see this message as your battery ages.This means your battery is starting to degrade, which can affect performance.

3. This iPhone experienced an unexpected shutdown because the battery was unable to provide the necessary peak power, performance management has been applied to help prevent this from happening again: This message indicates that your battery is causing problems with your iPhone and may very well It's almost time for an upgrade.You will most likely see performance issues like slow load times.

4. The health of your battery has dropped significantly: When the battery capacity is below 80%, the iPhone will show this, and it will greatly affect your phone's ability to work properly.

in conclusion

In conclusion, it is very easy to check your iPhone battery health.However, if your iPhone is older and can't be upgraded to iOS 11.3, then you can't check battery health in settings.However, you can ask Apple to run a diagnostic test for your battery.You can do this by visiting the Apple Store, or chatting online with Apple's customer support staff.

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