The 5 Best AutoClickers for Mac

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auto clicker is a program that changes the way the computer interprets mouse clicks.It lets you tap buttons multiple times with a single tap, or perform pre-programmed taps on your behalf.By tweaking settings or even creating macros in the program, you can use the auto-clicker for click-based video games and complete repetitive tasks with high clicks.

Below is a list of great Mac autoclickers.Read on to find the best auto-clicker for your clicking needs!

1. Auto Clicker for Mac


Auto Clicker for Macwas developed by MurGaa, a company that has actually made several Mac autoclickers over the years, one of which we've written about below.

You can set up Auto Clicker for Mac to perform an unlimited number of clicks, no matter where you place the cursor, and only stop those clicks when you manually stop them.This stopping and starting can be done via buttons in Auto Clicker, or by clicking the middle mouse button (if you have one) or a keyboard shortcut you set up in the program.

Auto Clicker for Mac lets you configure the time between each click by entering a delay in seconds and milliseconds.So you can set it to 50 clicks in 50 seconds, or 1 clicks in 50 second, if you set the millisecond delay correctly.

The app also allows you to set the maximum number of clicks you want, which is great for click-based games, shutting down or banning you if you click more than a certain amount in a short period of time.

You can also turn click sounds on or off in Auto Clicker for Mac, and set clicks to periodically left or right click on your Mac.

Auto Clicker for Mac has a free trial period, but then it costs $6 to use it on a Mac for 6.54 months.You can find free Mac autoclickers below, but the amount of control and versatility this autoclicker allows might make it worth paying for.

Download: Auto Clicker for Mac (Subscription required, free trial)

2. iMouseTrick


If you are looking for a very simple automatic clicker for your Mac, iMouseTrack is what you need. iMouseTick allows you to set the desired number of clicks (including unlimited clicks) and the time between clicks.It even lets you set a countdown before you start.

That's all it does, though, except for the option to hide the iMouseTrick window and pause its clicks when you place the mouse over the window.As such, it's a very easy-to-use auto-clicker - you mostly set the numerical values ​​you want by clicking and dragging the scale, and you can adjust their maximum values ​​by entering new numbers for them.But if you want to use hotkey shortcuts to stop and start your clicks, or other more advanced options, unfortunately, iMouseTrick doesn't have those options.

iMouseTrick is free, though, and its simplicity might be all you need.We recommend it to those looking for an auto-clicker without too much bells and whistles, and it's for those who are a little tech-challenged or technophobic at times.

Download: iMouseTrick (free)

3. Mac Auto Mouse Click


Mac Auto Mouse Click not only helps you click, but also moves your cursor to a pre-set location.So, Mac Auto Mouse Click can help automate some complex tasks.

Suppose you are uploading many files to an online database and you are going to click the same button repeatedly.You can set up a series of actions in Mac Auto Mouse Click, select files and click those buttons for you.Setting up actions requires no coding or programming knowledge.You just move your cursor where you want it, tell Mac Auto Mouse Click to record that location with a hotkey, and set in the program the type of click you want to happen at that location.

You can move actions up and down the list to change when they occur, and edit or delete actions as you see fit.In this auto-clicker, the types of clicks you can type are right and left, double-click, middle and shift, as well as some functions for typing text automatically.

While great for repetitive tap tasks (there are probably many of them), if you just want to tap multiple times in one place, or just tap the screen once in a while to keep your Mac from going to sleep, then Mac Auto Mouse Click can be a bit more complicated.

The software also has a free trial period, but beyond that, it costs $9.87 for six months on a Mac.The control and automation this Mac auto-clicker allows may be totally worth the price to you, or it may be more than you need.

Download: Mac Auto Mouse Click (Subscription required, free trial)

4. Mac Auto Clicker


FileHorse's Mac Auto Clicker is also an excellent auto clicker.Like Auto Clicker for Mac, Mac Auto Clicker clicks until you stop the program, or until it reaches a certain number of clicks you set for it.

However, Mac Auto Clicker has a delayed start option that you can set to make sure you have time to put the cursor in the right place before you start clicking.It also allows you to set a time limit for automatic clicks if you want to stop the program this way.

Like the other auto-clickers on this list, you can set the time between clicks, and the time between two sets of clicks in Mac auto Clicker.You don't need to know the exact number of milliseconds you want, though.You can set the click speed between Extreme and Extreme for faster customization and easier setup.If you want to enter exact seconds and milliseconds, this is still an option for the Mac autoclicker.It's just not necessary because the program offers an alternative.

Mac Auto Clicker seems to work mostly with macOS Yosemite and earlier. FileHorse provides instructions on how to get Mac Auto Clicker working on later versions of macOS, but doing so requires a few extra steps.

Still, Mac Auto Clicker offers just as much as Mac Auto Clicker, and it's free.

Download: Mac Auto Clicker (free)

5. DwellClick


Auto-clickers are great tools for many computer games, but they can also be great tools if clicking frequently hurts your hands or is physically difficult for you.By reducing the number of clicks you have to click, automatic clickers on your Mac can reduce the pain and stress of using your computer.

DwellClick takes this a step further by allowing click-free operations on your computer.You just open the program, point the cursor somewhere with your mouse or trackpad, wait a moment, and DwellClick will click on your behalf.

DwellClick can not only left-click, right-click and double-click, but also click and drag for you.So you can move windows around the screen and drag files into folders without holding down the mouse.You can also drag and resize things! To access these options, all you have to do is press the Fn key on your keyboard while DwellClick is active, and select the type of click you want in the panel that pops up.Preferences can also be set to turn certain clicks and features in AutoClicker on and off.

You can also set a key on the keyboard to act as a mouse click for you, and even activate a hands-free option if you're using a head tracker to navigate the computer, or your Mac's mouse isn't working. DwellClick also provides lots of visual and audible cues to let you know a click or drag has occurred, if you want or need it.

DwellClick has a free trial period, and once the trial period is over, it costs $9.99 on the Mac App Store.It's an auto-clicker for Mac that's better for reducing your clicks than for quick clicks.But if you need that reduction for your hand or mouse's sake, we think it's a terrific auto-clicker.

Download: DwellClick ($9.99, free trial)

Find the right autoclicker for you

If you're looking for the best auto-clicker for gaming on your Mac, or to make repetitive tasks easier, there are plenty of great options out there.The 5 auto clickers in the above list, each with a different function, saved us time and saved us from a lot of clicks.

Hopefully you can find the right autoclicker for you and your Mac in the list above.


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