How to Add Passwords to Pages, Numbers, and Keynote Documents on iPhone

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you can find it in applePages,NumbersKeynoteView, edit and create documents for free in the app.Besides that, if you have an important confidential file, you can easily password protect it in these apps to prevent unsolicited access.

Next, this short tutorial will show you how to use your iPhone or iPad to add passwords to documents, spreadsheets, and presentations in the Apple iWork office suite of applications.

How toPages,NumbersKeynoteSet a password for the file in

1. Start Pages, Numbers, or Keynote, open an existing document, or create a new document by clicking the plus (+) button.

2. With a document, spreadsheet, or presentation open in full screen, tap the More icon (three dots inside a circle).


3. Click Set Password.

4. Enter the password you want to set and repeat in the Authentication field.

5. You must also enter an appropriate hint to make sure you can figure out the password in case you forget it.

6. For convenience, leave it on when Face ID is enabled, or keep it on when Touch ID is enabled.


7. Finally, click Finish.

You have now successfully password protected a file.Once the file is password protected, you'll see a padlock icon on its thumbnail to indicate it's locked.

How to open a password protected file

To open a password-protected document, spreadsheet or presentation in Pages, Numbers or Keynote, just tap the file and verify your identity with Face ID or Touch ID.If you do not have biometric authentication enabled, you can enter the password of the file to enter.

If Face ID or Touch ID fails repeatedly, you'll see a box appear asking you to manually enter your passcode.

How to change password

You can easily change the password for files, or stop using Face ID or Touch ID to open files.To do this, open a password-protected document and click the More icon, then Change password.You can also choose to remove the password here.

Easily protect your files, spreadsheets and presentations

That's how to add secure passwords to your files in Pages, Numbers and Keynote.Even if you send this password-protected file to a different device, it will still ask you for the password.So make sure you share this password with others who need access.



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