You can make your email more useful with these 5 Firefox addons

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For most people, it often takes a lot of time to browse through emails.So much work boils down to reading, replying, and writing emails, so why waste more time on it?

Firefox has many different add-ons that will allow you to send emails better, faster, and less often.So, you have every reason to give it a try.Here are five of the best Firefox add-ons that can change the way you send email.

1. Inbox When Ready for Gmail


Inbox When Ready only works with Gmail, so you won't benefit if you use another email provider.

The purpose of Inbox When Ready is to save you from having to check your inbox as often as you do now.It does this in a number of different ways.For example, you can have Inbox When Ready automatically hide your emails.You can set up specific time periods so you can focus on deep work.

This allows you to still compose new emails and search for specific requests without getting bogged down by every new email that pops up.

You can also set inbox budgets so you only have time to check them a certain number of times a day so you can focus on more important things.

The plugin claims that this can help you reclaim about an hour a week from your inbox, but even if you use more or less than that, you might benefit from the tools your inbox provides.

2. GMX MailCheck for Firefox


If you're the kind of person who has multiple email accounts set up with different providers, or if you just need to check them quickly and often, then GMX MailCheck for Firefox can be a great add-on.

GMX MailCheck is a relatively simple plugin that allows you to access your emails easily and simply.You log in through the extension and from there read emails directly from the extension.

This means, you no longer have to log in or open a new tab for every email.You'll get notifications from the plugin, and you can even reply to emails directly from the plugin.

It's also important to note that although GMX comes under the name of this plugin, it's not the only email service supported by GMX MailCheck.There are various services here, including GMX, mail. com and Gmail, and many others.

3. firefox relay


Next isfirefox relay.This is an official Mozilla add-on, so it has to be on this list.

firefox relayThere is a relatively simple idea behind it.In fact, all of our online accounts tend to return only a small percentage of emails.For example, you need to verify your account when you sign up to use the same email as everything.

The problem with this, of course, is that if that email account gets hacked, then suddenly everything else is at risk too. Firefox Relay is an add-on designed to correct this problem.

It does this through a very simple and intuitive process. Firefox Relay allows you to quickly and easily generate email aliases that you can use to sign up for almost anything.Aliases are completely random and are stored by the plugin.

If you're using Gmail, you can do something similar if you know how to add email aliases in Gmail, but if you're using another email provider or want more features, then Firefox Relay is a good one choose.

If you are worried about forgetting one of the aliases, you can easily check it from the extension page.You can see how many emails it forwarded from these aliases, including spam or unwanted emails.

You can only create a limited number of aliases initially, but if you find that one alias receives a lot of spam, you can simply block all messages from that alias, or even delete the alias entirely.

There are also some premium features, so if you're willing to pay, you can create unlimited aliases, create custom domain aliases, and more.

4. Mailvelope


If you're concerned about email privacy or security, then MailDevelope is a great little plugin to help calm your fears.

MailvelopeAddress these security concerns by adding missing encryption and decryption capabilities to a variety of different email providers.You can use these encryption features in your email provider's user interface and even encrypt attachments from your hard drive.

The plugin works by letting you generate a key that is unique to you.Then you can use it to effectively sign you throughMailvelopeEmail sent by extension.The person receiving the mail will need to know your key to decrypt it once it's sent, but once you've set it up, the process is easy.

However, the coolest thing about Maildevelope is all the little things.This project is completely open source, so you can see exactly how it works.This means that if you're concerned about how a project might use your data, you can easily see what it's doing with it.

In addition to this, MailDevelope offers a range of different options for customizing the look and feel when in use.This is obviously part of the security process, but the way it's chosen means you can make sure the add-in works the way you want, even looks.

5. Email Tabs


Finally there are Email Tabs. Email Tabs is a great Firefox browser add-on that's perfect for anyone who ends up having a ton of different tabs.

The concept behind Email Tabs is pretty straightforward.If you've ever needed to save or share a bunch of tabs you've backed up, this add-on makes it easy for you to do that.

With just one click of the plugin, you can generate an email with the content of your open tabs.This can include links with or without screenshots, as well as links with full articles to keep track of them.

You can send these messages to yourself, save them in your drafts to review later, possibly offline, or you can share them with others who might find them.

Redefine the way you email

As you can see, Firefox has a ton of different add-ons available to revolutionize the way you email.Whether you need to control how your email comes in, or just want to be more secure when you send your email, there's something for you.

You can start with any of the above lists if you want.


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