Video Editing on Smartphones and Computers: Which Is Better?

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Regardless of your career, video editing should be a skill you want to master.When you think of video editing, the first person that probably comes to mind is someone sitting in front of a computer, but these days, you can also get the job done on your smartphone.

Next, we give you an overview of the pros and cons of video editing on smartphones and computers.Lets come look:

Pros of Video Editing on a Smartphone


Editing video with your smartphone can be daunting; are mobile editing apps powerful enough that you'll get high-quality results?In short, it depends on the situation.However, smartphone video editing has many benefits, so don't jump to conclusions just yet.

Edit anytime, anywhere

Obviously, cell phones are portable.That means you can take it out, load up your editing app, and edit wherever you want.Whether you need to rush through a presentation, keep up with social media, or if you come up with a cool idea that you might forget later, you can edit it from anywhere.

Great for beginners

When you first get into video editing, learning computer software can be overwhelming.However, mobile video editing apps tend to be less complex, so it can be an ideal way to learn how to edit.Also, most of us use our phones more than our computers, so you might prefer to use your smartphone at first.


Computer editing software can cost you hundreds of dollars a year; it's an expensive undertaking, so to speak.While most comprehensive mobile editing apps aren't free either, they won't significantly increase your budget.So, this is great for beginners who aren't sure if editing is something they really want to pursue.

Of course, there are also plenty of free editing apps that can get the job done, as long as you're willing to take the time to find them.

More hands-on

Editing with a computer basically means that there is always something between you and what's happening on the screen; the mouse and the keyboard.Smartphones are more accessible.Direct finger operation of functions, tools and effects gives you more control and allows you to be more involved in editing, plus it can be faster.

Disadvantages of Editing Videos on Smartphones


Not enough powerful editing app

The biggest disadvantage of mobile video editing is that applications are rarely as powerful as computer software.Apart from Video StarAlight motion other powerful apps, don't expect a mobile app to produce the same After EffectsPremiere Pro and similar results.

Smartphones are so power-optimized that they simply can't handle all the problems of computer editing software.You won't be able to perform many advanced editing techniques on a smartphone app, and even if you could, the results won't be as crisp as computer software.

less storage space

When you first dive into video editing, the first thing you'll notice is how quickly your files accumulate.You end up with a bunch of random video clips, video overlays, and even images.All of these need a place to store.

Smartphones rarely have more than a few hundred gigabytes of internal memory, most of which will be eaten up by other apps and files on the phone that are not related to video editing.

Sure, you can save your files on an external hard drive, but it can be annoying to transfer them from your computer to your phone every time you're in the mood to edit.

Reduced battery life

While you can edit anywhere with your phone, you'll need to carry a charger or power bank with you if you plan to use it for a few hours.Not to mention, performing heavy tasks on your phone for extended periods of time can shorten the overall battery life.

Advantages of video editing on a computer


better editing software

Of course, computer software can be harder to master, but once you get the hang of it, you'll reap the benefits.Computers can withstand power-hungry programs; they're plugged into a power source, which means their CPUs have more processing power.Many laptops can also handle more powerful editing programs than cell phones.

As a result, you have more effects to play with and more workarounds for complex techniques.If you know how to use these programs, your edits will be impressive.Whether you're editing for your business or a social media fan account, people are likely to take your work more seriously.

Higher editing quality

Combined with the previous point, computer software will render your video (or at least let you choose) at a higher resolution, frame rate, and bit rate.There are a few tricks to artificially improve the quality of your edits on your smartphone, but nothing beats getting high-quality edits at the source.

Bigger screen

While smartphones may have the advantage of being more hands-on, they can't fit that much on a screen.A computer screen gives you a larger workspace where you can stare at almost every element you edit.Not to mention, you can view your edits on a larger scale, which can help you spot mistakes more easily.

Disadvantages of video editing on a computer


more expensive

Not only is video editing software more expensive, but the entire process of editing on a computer will cost you more.First, your electricity bills will be higher, and you may also need to upgrade your graphics card.

Uploading to social media is not easy

When you finish editing on the mobile app, you usually have the option to share it on social media right away.But to this day, you still can't upload Instagram videos from your computer, and while you can upload videos to Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok, the process isn't as streamlined as it is on your phone.

You can only transfer the video to your phone and upload it from there, which is an extra step.


When you upload your edit to a social media platform, whether from a computer or smartphone, the platform usually compresses it, which means you lose some quality.You may also need to compress the video before uploading it to the website.What's the point of exporting a high-quality video if people can't see how great it looks?

Smartphones vs. Computers: How Should You Choose?

It all comes down to what type of editor you want to be.If you're interested in producing high-production-value content for big media companies, you'll need to learn and invest in professional computer editing software.If you have a YouTube channel or Instagram fan account, your smartphone is more than capable.

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