The 5 Most Expensive Phones Ever Made

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Today, mobile phones come in a variety of price points.In the high-end segment, there are some devices priced closer to $2,000.This may seem high, but there are actually more expensive phones out there.

What counts as "expensive"?

When it comes to "expensive" phones, there are actually two.There are realistically expensive phones like the Galaxy's "Ultra" series, and it's certainly expensive, but it's not ridiculous, and you're getting a really good phone.

The second is the status symbol.These phones are not intended for anyone to buy or use.They have ridiculous features and even more ridiculous prices.High-end brands like to put their name on these phones.

Samsung Galaxy Fold: $1980


Let's start with the "reality" end.The original Samsung Galaxy Fold was released in 2019 and started at $1.This is the first foldable display device to hit the mainstream market.

Cutting-edge technology is often expensive, and the Galaxy Fold is no exception.Despite its launch issues, it's a very exciting device at a reasonable price.You get a device that can be used as a tablet or phone and still fit in your pocket.

Since then, the Fold line has continued to improve, and Samsung now has more affordable foldable options.

Sony Xperia PRO 5G: $2,500


Sony is launching the phone in early 2021 with a price tag of up to $2500.

Why is this phone so expensive?From the looks of it, it looks like a fairly standard smartphone.But don't be fooled, it packs a lot of serious hardware, and it's far more than just megapixel numbers.

The Xperia PRO 5G can act as a 4K camera display, a file transfer device, and a 5G modem.It's a phone aimed at people who do a lot of high-end video and photography work.It's not for everyone, but for the right one, it might be worth the price.

Vertu Signature Cobra: $360,000


You can't write a list of the most expensive phones without including the Vertu.The luxury brand has long been rolling out ridiculous devices. The Signature Cobra is one of the silliest products, and it went for a whopping $2017 in 36.

We're now in the category of expensive phones that aren't practical. The Signature Cobra isn't even a smartphone.It's a pretty basic feature phone, adorned with gold plating and a jeweled cobra that wraps around the phone.It's an example of trying to look very expensive, but, in the end, it's cheap and tacky.

Goldvish Le Million: $130 million


Goldvish Le Million debuted in 2006 and sold for an incredible $130 million.

This was before the original iPhone was released, so we can forgive Goldvish Le Million for not being a smartphone.That crazy price comes from an 18-karat white gold body that's shaped like a weird boomerang.It also has 120 carats of diamonds on top.

Here's the thing: Only three units of this phone were ever made.

Falcon Supernova iPhone 6 Pink Diamond: $4850 million


Over the years, many designers have released ornately decorated iPhones.Nothing beats this name Falcon Supernova iPhone 6 Pink Diamond $4850 million is more expensive.

Compared to other custom iPhones, this phone is fairly simple.It is an iPhone 24 in 6K gold.There are also rose gold and platinum versions.But what brings the disastrous price tag?The answer is the large diamond on the back.

Yes, this is simply an iPhone with a large pink diamond on the back.A diamond of this size is generally considered very valuable.Whoever bought the phone in 2004 wanted to show it off.

Oh, and if $4850 million is a little too rich for you, there are more affordable versions for $4250 million and $3250 million.



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