12 great Google Maps features to better navigate and explore

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Google Maps is arguably the best navigation app since its launch.It is full of exciting features, provides detailed information, and is widely used.Despite everything it already offers, the company is still working to improve its service due to stiff competition and our growing reliance on navigation apps.

Google Maps has some great features that improve navigation and exploration on the platform.Here, we'll take a look at 12 of those features:

1. Toll price

Google Maps has been showing free routes for a while now.However, an updated feature can tell you how much tolls you need to pay on different routes.

This feature lets you know in advance how much you'll pay for tolls and decide if it's worth taking the longer route to avoid tolls.However, please note that these are only estimated prices, which Google obtains from the charging authority, and they are not necessarily completely accurate.

It's worth mentioning that Google Maps will still show no-toll routes whenever possible.You can still turn on toll avoidance and only view routes without tolls.Currently, the feature is rolling out on about 2000 roads in the US, India, Japan and Indonesia.

2. Food Banks


With many Americans suffering from food insecurity, Google Maps has helped by improving information on food banks and pantries.

In partnership with WhyHunger and Hunger Free America, it shows several thousand food banks on its map.In addition to this, it is actively working to ensure that the information at these food banks is accurate and up-to-date.

3. Directory of shopping malls and airports


You can use Google Maps to see shops and businesses in any mall, airport or transit station.

To find a listing of stores in any large building, search for it and go to the Catalog tab.Here, you can see businesses, services, and facilities (such as parking lots) in that particular building.

You can also view detailed business information here, like you'll find in other stores.Although Google has rolled out this feature globally, you may not be able to find catalog labels at every mall or airport due to limited data.

4. How busy the area is


Google Maps' real-time busy reports have been helping us avoid crowded businesses and traffic jams.But now, with the Area Busy feature, Google Maps can show the busiest times in any area.

Additionally, you can see how busy any given area is at any time of day.

5. Environmental route

The cost of travel is higher than tolls.Considering how many people are concerned about the environmental impact of their travels these days, Google Maps shows the most fuel-efficient routes.

According to Google, this feature can reduce carbon emissions by a ton per year.In addition to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, it can also help you reduce fuel costs.This is a win-win option.

All but the most fuel efficient, Google Maps will still show the fastest route, so it's up to you.The feature launched in the US last year and will be brought to Europe and other regions this year.

6. Use Siri to navigate and explore

Another feature Google Maps offers for iOS users is integration with Siri and Spotlight.You can ask Siri to get directions or search for a place on Google Maps.But you need to create this shortcut first.

7. Insurance Information


Anyone with health insurance would rather go to the hospital that accepts their plan.So Google Maps shows which insurance plans the hospital accepts.

Search for any clinic or hospital, go to the "About" tab, then scroll down and click "Check Insurance Information".Google Maps will show all the insurance companies and plans accepted by the hospital.

In addition to that, it now lets you filter medical institutions that accept Medicare.

8. Navigate from Apple Watch


Whether you prefer to keep your phone at home or keep it in your pocket, you'll love this feature.Google Maps allows you to navigate directly from your Apple Watch.

You can start navigating from your Apple Watch by simply tapping the Google Maps icon.As Google itself announced, this feature will support Take me Home's complications.

9. Easy navigation for cyclists

As more and more people choose to travel by bicycle, Google Maps is working hard to improve their navigation experience.To that end, it offers streamlined navigation for cyclists.

Thanks to this feature, Google Maps doesn't show your turn-by-turn directions during your journey, only important details.Lite Navigation shows ETA, trip progress, and route elevation.

This makes it easier for cyclists to maintain their journey without being distracted by step-by-step instructions.This feature is available in all regions where cycling routes are supported.

10. New pinned travel widget for iOS

Google Maps makes navigation easier for iOS users thanks to a fixed travel widget.The fixed itinerary widget displays the fixed itinerary directly from the home screen.

This widget will show you arrival times, suggested routes and departure times for your transit trips.

11. Traffic lights and stop signs


For some time now, Google Maps has experimented with traffic lights by showing them to Android users in the US.Google has since officially rolled out the ability to add traffic lights and stop signs for all users.

Android, iOS, CarPlay and Android Auto users can view detailed maps with traffic lights.but it is not the truth.Google Maps will also show the outlines of buildings, your area of ​​interest, and the shape and width of roads.

This is definitely a lifesaver, especially for those who like to stare at screens while driving.This feature is currently available in selected countries.

12. Wildfire Layer


The Google Maps wildfire layer shows the latest details on all wildfires at a glance.Select the wildfire layer from Layers and you can see the areas currently affected by fires.

Click on the fire icon to get more information such as current status, time of reporting and the number of acres burned.The feature is currently available in the US and Australia, with more countries coming soon.

Google Maps is getting better

The addition of these features makes it easier for you on your way home or exploring the world.Considering how much our lives depend on it, it's encouraging to see new, handy features being added to Google Maps so frequently.




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