10 Great IFTTT Applets to Automate Your iPhone or Android Phone

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IFTTT(If This Then That) is a very powerful tool that can automate almost everything in your life.It is a web-based service that allows you to connect accounts on different websites and services to automate processes.For example, every time you're tagged in a photo on Facebook, you can use IFTTT Save images to Dropbox.

As useful as the web-based version of IFTTT is, you probably spend more time on your smartphone than on your computer.Fortunately, there are IFTTT mobile apps for both Android and iOS smartphones.There are so many unique applets that can automate your life, here are 10 of the best IFTTT applets:

Download: IFTTT for Android | iOS(Free, in-app purchases available)

1. Get the weather forecast every morning at 7am


With this little program, you will never be stuck in the rain without an umbrella, or in the snow without a thick jacket.Every morning at 7am, or any time you choose, you'll receive a smartphone push notification with the local weather forecast.

You don't have to remember to check the weather app every morning because you'll see push notifications right away.Checking the weather forecast first thing in the morning will make it easier to think about what you'll be wearing as you move on to the rest of the morning.

2.Switch ringtones on Android before and after a meeting


When you're in the middle of an important work meeting, few mistakes are more embarrassing than your phone ringing loudly.Fortunately, there is a small program that can help you.This applet automatically puts your phone on silent mode when you schedule a meeting on Google Calendar.

There's also a related applet that turns the ringer back on after the meeting is over.With these two applets enabled, you no longer have to worry about your phone alerting you and others in a meeting.

3.Post your Instagram as a local photo on Twitter


Longtime users of Instagram and Twitter know that there is a disconnect between the two platforms when it comes to photo and video sharing.

If you link your Instagram and Twitter, then post a photo on Instagram and share to Twitter, you'll end up posting a link on Twitter instead of the actual photo.In order for someone to see the photo, they have to click on the Instagram link and have it open that way.

This little program recreates your Instagram photo as the original image on Twitter as soon as you post it.So people can actually see your photos without having to click the link!

4. Ask Alexa what's on your shopping list and she'll text you


Imagine walking out of the house to go to the grocery store and suddenly realizing that you didn't write down your shopping list.Some people might use a digital note-taking app to keep track of what they need, but if you're using the old-school handwriting style, this little program can save you in a pinch.You can ask Alexa what's on your shopping list and she'll text you.

5. Turn your ringer up after a missed call


If you easily miss calls because your phone is on silent, this is the applet for you.Most people tend to keep their phones on silent or vibrate, which is fine in most cases, but terrible when someone tries to contact you and you don't know it.

If you miss someone's call, this applet will automatically set your ringtone louder.Then, if that person tries to call you again because of something urgent, you can hear them calling a second time.

6. free yourself from embarrassing situations


If you've ever been in a situation where you're talking to someone who's annoying, uninteresting, or both, you'll be glad to know there's a way out.There are fake calling apps out there designed to save you from embarrassing situations, or you can use this IFTTT applet.

With this applet enabled, you can schedule or push phone calls to get out of uncomfortable situations without offending the person you're trying to get out of.

7. Automatically create Discover Weekly Archive on Spotify


Every week, Spotify launches a Discover Weekly playlist just for you, based on your personal listening habits.However, sometimes you don't have time to listen to a playlist, or forget to save it before the next Monday update.

This applet automatically archives your Discover Weekly playlist.That means you'll never miss a new song or a suggested artist again.

Most people don't even know that r/gamedeals exists on Reddit, and they regularly release Steam keys that let you redeem a free game.Now you know!With this applet, you don't even need to navigate Reddit or check subreddits regularly.You'll get an email when Steam keys are posted on r/gamedeals so you can grab a free game or two as soon as they become available.

9. Update your Android wallpaper with NASA's daily images


Who doesn't love beautiful space images?NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day shares new educational images from deep space every day.This applet took this photo from NASA's feed and made it your phone's wallpaper.The constant rotation of new wallpapers keeps things interesting and allows you to experience the vastness of the space every day.

10. Find your lost phone in many different ways


At times, you're likely to leave your phone somewhere while it's in silent mode.When you want to find it, you have forgotten where your phone is.Then this type of applet is the savior.An IFTTT applet allows you to text "lostphone" to your smartphone, which automatically turns the ringtone to full volume.Then you can have someone call your phone and find it easily.

Or, if you use Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa at home, there are applets that allow you to use one of these virtual assistants to call your phone.By saying "Alexa, trigger Find My Phone" or something similar to Google Assistant, it will trigger a call when your ringtone appears.

Automate your entire life with the IFTTT app

These 10 applets are just a sample of thousands of applets you can choose from.On the IFTTT website, there is a full Explore tab dedicated to the most popular applets at the moment.If you want more ideas, you should check it out.

Once you've mastered the basics of adapting and using applets, you can start creating your own. IFTTT applet can use Instagram, WordPress, Twitter, Pocket, Dropbox, Telegram, Nest and many other services.Soon, you'll be using IFTTT like a pro to automate your entire digital life.

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