5 Best Add-ons for Google Calendar

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The entire Google suite is a very diverse and useful set of tools for different situations.You can do a lot on your own, but sometimes, you need more than Google can give you alone.

That's where plugins come in, whether you're looking for a specific solution to your Google Calendar problem, or just want to see what else is possible, plugins can help.Here are some of the best plugins for Google Calendar:

1. Zoom for G Suite


First on this list is Zoom for G Suite.Without a doubt, Zoom is one of the most popular ways to book and schedule meetings with others online, whether for business, school, or personal use.

But if your calendar is busy and it's hard to keep track of all those appointments, then Zoom for G Suite could be the perfect addition to your Google Calendar.

Zoom for G Suite plugs into both Google Calendar and your Gmail, making it easy and simple to schedule Zoom meetings using the details in your email.Details like topics, attendees, and more can also be added quickly and easily with add-ons that read from emails.

From here, you can add meetings to your Google Calendar with just one click.This way, you never have to worry about when or who you are meeting with.Details can easily be added to your Google Calendar, just a quick check.

If you work for an organization, it's worth noting that you can also simplify Zoom's management of that organization thanks to a centralized deployment and installation process.

2. GoTo for Google Calendar


Next is GoTo for Google Calendar.If you're an existing GoTo user, this plugin is definitely a must-have, but even if you're not, you can learn a lot once you make the switch.

GoTo is an online collaboration software that makes it easy for you to connect with others around the world over the Internet.As you can imagine, this can only benefit from integrating with Google Calendar.The plugin allows you to seamlessly and easily schedule and manage upcoming meetings directly from your calendar.

This means, you can set up your schedule, or jump from one meeting to another without leaving Google Suite.All you have to do is use the buttons provided to access it all.

Scheduling meetings, editing rooms, adding other organizers, joining meetings, and more can all be handled directly from Google Calendar, meaning you never have to worry about how to organize everything, the plugin handles the worst for you.

3. TimeNavi


If you're looking for something that will allow you to better manage your time, TimeNavi is a great little plugin that can completely elevate the way you use Google Calendar.

Learning how to use Google Calendar as a personal journal is easy, but TimeNavi is an add-on that lets you turn it into your personal time management assistant.This means it will analyze your events using a range of data, such as their colors and titles, and use them to understand how your time is spent.

The plugin then monitors the time you spend on these different activities and projects and generates reports on how you use your time so you can be more productive.

The advantage of this is that you get all the benefits of analyzing your time without having to worry about any extra effort or note-taking.All you have to do is install this plugin and you can start having personalized reports on your own habits that you can use to change the way you work.

4. Shared Contacts for Google Calendar


Next up is Shared Contacts for Google Calendar.If you're looking for something to appropriately expand what you can do with Google Calendar, this add-on might be just what you're looking for.

Shared Contacts for Google Calendar allows you to see the details of the contacts who have shared your Google Calendar events.For example, if you have a meeting or webinar, Google Calendar's Shared Contacts will allow you to see other members' contact details in calendar events.

You can use this plugin to better visualize people in Google Groups so you know who's coming, and you can add more members to the event from the plugin.

The good thing here is that you can get a lot of information about the people ahead of the meeting to make sure you understand exactly who you're going to be interacting with, and if you find yourself managing and creating meetings a lot, you can use this plugin to add groups of users at a time.

5. Appointment Reminder


Appointment Reminder is a Google Calendar plugin designed to ensure your clients never miss another appointment and reduce the rush between points in your life.

Appointment Reminder Do this by automatically pulling mobile numbers from your Google Calendar appointments.Using the title or body of the appointment, your client will automatically get a reminder thanks to Appointment Reminder.This is great because it means your clients will never have to use Google Calendar to tell everyone they'll be late for a meeting.

As the day gets closer, you can adjust the number of reminders sent, from one reminder to several different reminders.There are settings for confirmation text messages when booking, as well as reminder text messages before appointments.

If you're worried that you won't be able to respond, there's no need to worry about that either. Appointment Reminder allows for a two-way conversation with your customers, so if they have any questions or concerns before their next appointment, you can respond.

Do more with Google Calendar

As you can see, the Google Workspace Marketplace has a wide variety of plugins that can completely extend the way you use Google Calendar.All you have to do is find the right add-ons for your individual needs and let them simplify the way you work and increase your productivity.


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