The 8 best time-lapse photography apps for Android

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Video production offers many interesting effects, but time-lapse is one of the most interesting.These days, you don't even need to buy a full-fledged camera, your smartphone handles everything.

Below we've listed the best time-lapse camera apps for Android.They all create the same effect, but some offer their own unique features.Take a look together and decide which one is the right choice for you.

1. Lapse It


Lapse Itis a powerful and simple camera app for time-lapse projects.When launching the app, your main options are Settings, Gallery, and the new Capture button, which contains several additional tools.

When you're ready to grab a new shot, you can quickly choose the frame interval, resolution, color effect, white balance, mode, and more for time-lapse photography.After capturing what you want, you can edit it on the spot or from the gallery.

In addition to trimming, adding effects, and timestamping, you can also provide background music to your time-lapse photography.If you create an profile, you can also share your creation and see what other users have done.

Keep in mind that some features require a Pro version, but even in its free form, Fasse It is a very useful time-lapse camera that can be customized to your artistic preferences.

Download: Lapse It (Free, in-app purchases)

2. Facelapse


There are many creative ways to use time-lapse technology, such as live-streaming your life with a wearable camera. Facelapse's approach is simpler, but still special.It turns pictures featuring people into free time-lapse videos, whether of yourself or others.While you can use it with a different image, some features won't work if the app doesn't detect a face.

Another caveat is that the app doesn't have a camera tool, so you'll need to take a photo with your device and upload it to Facelapse.The app then turns the collected photos into smooth time-lapse photography.

In terms of settings, you can adjust the speed of the video, face size and image order.After saving your project, you have the same sharing and saving options as any other app on this list.

Download: Facelapse (free)

3. Time Lapse Camera


Another great mobile app to consider isTime Lapse Camera, you can use the app in two ways:

Photo lapse: For example, you take a photo every day, and finally form a sequence.

Video lapse: Compress the captured footage into a fast-moving video.

While both modes have adjustable settings, the latter has more to say, including timers, a maximum duration function, filters and night vision, as well as typical resolutions and frame intervals.Time Lapse Camera also gives you a profile and community interaction, with additional tools and benefits if you upgrade to a premium membership.

Download: Time Lapse Camera (Free, in-app purchases available)

4. Framelapse


FrameFase is designed to be simple and efficient, and it's also worth checking out.It's best used for landscape orientation, while toggling its settings gives you more freedom to customize your experience.For example, when adjusting white balance and focus mode, you can choose from a range of effects.You can use 2160p 4K resolution, add grids, enable video optimization, and more.

However, this is another time-lapse camera app without editing features.What you record is what you get unless you change it through another app.Even so, make sure to check out FrameFase and its capabilities.

Download: framelapse (Free, in-app purchases available)

5. PicPac


The best time-lapse photography apps will give you more than a camera.PicPacJust such a mobile platform that comes with a range of tools to support your projects.It looks unremarkable, but once you get the hang of what your options are and how to use them, the PicPac is easy to love, especially if you invest in its pro features.

First, you can grab videos from your device and break them down into still time-lapse photography.When it comes to standard video for time-lapse photography, the PicPac is fairly straightforward.Alternatively, you can combine pictures into a sequence.

If you want fresh footage, just open the app's camera and adjust its settings.Among other features, you can record audio, focus manually or automatically, and enable dimming to save battery power.

After recording, PicPac will take you to the editor, so you can make changes and preview the result before sharing or saving.Premium content to look forward to includes the ability to paint over images and generate video at resolutions greater than 360p.

Download: PicPac(Free, in-app purchases)

6. Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile


Hyperlapse is another very simple time-lapse photography app provided by Microsoft.When you start Hyperlapse, you have two options: upload an existing video or record a new one.If you choose the latter, the camera activates and lets you reverse the camera and toggle the flash on and off before recording.After recording, you can adjust the frame interval to speed up the video.

Once done, you can share your time-lapse footage, change its speed again, or start a new recording.That's all Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile offers; a fast, clear, and completely free time-lapse camera.

Download: Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile (free)

7. Superlapse – Time Lapse Bedroom


If you like simple and free tools, SuperFass is a good choice.The app immediately opens the camera, and switches to landscape orientation.From there, you can just shoot time-lapse footage or adjust settings, including resolution, recording duration, and brightness.

Once you stop recording, SuperLass allows you to share your time-lapse video on any popular platform, including your files, Google Drive or email address.There are no editing options, you just shoot.

Download: Superlapse - Time Lapse Camera (free)

8. Time Lapse Camera & Videos


One of the easiest mobile apps for time-lapse projects is Time Lapse Camera & Videos.It provides you with the most basic functions to set up and record your footage.All you can adjust is video duration, frame delay and video quality.After recording, you'll find your MP4 files in the gallery, from where you can share or delete them.

While ads are annoying, it's not the worst price to pay for such a free and straightforward app.

Download: Time Lapse Camera & Videos (free)

Create stunning time-lapse projects

A powerful smartphone is more than enough for capturing and editing video.For special productions, chances are your app store has what you need, including this great collection of Android time-lapse apps.Master them and create your own amazing photography.

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