What is Samsung Good Lock?How to use it to customize your Galaxy phone

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You may not have heard of Samsung's Good Lock app before, but if you own a Samsung phone and want to customize it, this app is a gold mine.

Next, we'll introduce you to Good Lock, show you how to download it and how it works, and recommend you how to use the app to customize your Samsung device like a pro.let's start:

What is Samsung Good Lock?

Good Lock is a Samsung-made suite of apps that allows you to redesign the look and feel of your Galaxy device.You can use it to customize various things like your home screen and lock screen, recent app layout, clock face, quick settings panel, and more.

What sets Good Lock apart from other customization apps is the number of options it has and how well they work together.The changes you make in the app feel like native settings of One UI.

Samsung updates the app every year to support the latest version of One UI.

How to Download Samsung Good Lock

Good Lock isn't available on the Google Play Store, you have to get it from Samsung's Galaxy Store, which comes preinstalled on all Samsung devices.Launch the Galaxy Store app, search for Good Lock, and install it from there.Alternatively, you can use the link below.

Download: Good Lock for Android (Free, in-app purchases)

If you don't have a Galaxy phone but still want to use the app,Fine Lock An excellent alternative to Good Lock.It is available on the Play Store and has the same functionality.

How to use Samsung Good Lock

After you download and open Good Lock, the app will display a list of downloadable modules (i.e. standalone apps) such as Home Up, LockStar, MultiStar, etc.Each module targets a specific part of the software and contains customized settings.

When you click the download button for a module, you are redirected to the Galaxy Store to install its app.This makes the process a bit cumbersome, but on the bright side, you don't need to waste your storage space on modules you don't intend to use.

Install apps you find useful, give them the necessary permissions when prompted, and enable them to access their functionality.Currently, Good Lock has 15 modules, but this may change as the app is updated to support the new One UI version.

5 Good Lock modules you should be using

Some Good Lock modules are more useful than others, but you don't need to download all of them to get the most out of the app.Here are five basic Good Lock modules we think are worth installing.We'll also walk you through some of the features you can get from each.

1. Home Up


As many Samsung fans will tell you, Home Up is the first Good Lock module to download once you get the app.In many ways, it's the default customization scheme for Galaxy users. Home Up contains five different settings groups, including Home Screen, Folders, Backup and Restore, Share Manager, and Task Changer.

One of its best features is that it hides app tabs from the home and app screens for a cleaner look.You can also change the layout of the Recents page to make navigation smoother.If you're very picky about your phone's UI, you can even have folders on your home screen open as pop-ups instead of taking up the entire screen.

2. LockStar


As the name suggests, LockStar focuses on customizing your lock screen.It allows you to manually change the position of system icons such as clock, music widgets and notification icons.It also comes with some wallpapers you might want to try.

The module also allows you to replace the default shortcuts on the lock screen (phone and camera apps) with up to six apps of your choice for quick launches.However, if you want a more minimalist look, you can hide some or all of the system icons from the lock screen, except for the fingerprint scanner.



If you want to make your screen look more lively, Wonderland is a good choice.It allows you to create a custom live wallpaper for your homepage and lock screen.Once downloaded, the mod will show you some presets to better understand how it works.You can edit these presets or create a new wallpaper from scratch.

You can even put a video on top of your static wallpaper, or stretch it to cover the entire screen to create a video wallpaper.If you choose the latter, make sure the video doesn't interfere with your viewing of apps and widgets on your home screen.

4. Theme Park


Theme Park addresses our biggest complaint about Android 12's Material You design.Every time you change your wallpaper, your phone will display a set of color palettes for you to choose from.While this is a nice feature, it doesn't allow you to create palettes yourself, that is, you have to choose from the options provided to you.

With Theme Park, you can create a custom theme for your phone in any color you like.You can also control how your changes are applied to different parts of the user interface, such as the keyboard, quick settings panel, volume panel, and more.You can also change your app icon by downloading third-party icon packs from the Play Store or Galaxy Store.

5. One Hand Operation +



The One Hand Operation+ module is basically an upgraded version of the swipe gesture on Android.If you use the latter, you should definitely consider using this module for faster navigation through the system UI.With the swipe gesture, you can only do three actions: go back, go to the home screen, and go to the Recents page.

But with One Hand Operation+, you can set up to six actions on each gesture handle, left and right, for a total of 12 actions.These actions are set based on the direction in which you swipe the gesture handle.Interestingly, One Hand Operation+ is also available on the Play Store.

Download: One Hand Operation + for Android(free)

Customize your Galaxy phone like a pro with Good Lock

Surprisingly, Good Lock doesn't come preinstalled on all Galaxy devices, although the app is very useful.In addition to the five modules mentioned in the above list, there are many others that are also worth a look.You can try as many as you want and see which you like best!

With Good Lock, you can effortlessly change the look and feel of your Galaxy phone.

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