How to fix 9 common Google Drive glitches

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Google DriveAllows you to collaborate seamlessly with others.It also integrates with many other services, and files are readily accessible.Best of all, you get tons of storage space for free.

in spite ofGoogle DriveExcellent, but can have issues accessing the service.You may not be able to clear storage, share files, or lose access to a file.Thankfully, many Google Drive problems are easy to fix.

Next, we'll provide some typical Google Drive troubleshooting tips, then address some specific Google Drive issues.

Common Google Drive Troubleshooting Steps

Here are some simple steps you should try first.They can help diagnose and fix various issues with Google Drive.

1. Check the online status of Google Drive


Visit Google's App Status Dashboard.This lists all of Google's services and tells you if they have known issues.If you see a "Service Outage" (yellow) or "Service Outage" (red) indicator on an app you want to use, you can click on the colored dots to see details about when that service came back online.

If the problem with Google Drive is on Google's end, the only thing you can do is wait for the outage to end.

2. Disable antivirus and firewall

Antivirus software and firewalls can cause difficulty syncing files, or "You are offline, some features may not be available" errors.So try disabling your antivirus and firewall temporarily -- just remember to turn them on later.

On Windows 10 and Windows 11, you can disable Windows Defender with these steps.

1. Press Windows key+I to open Settings.

2. Go to Update & Security (Windows 10) or Privacy & Security (Windows 11) > Windows Security > Turn on Windows Security.

3. Once here, click Firewall and Network Protection.

4. Select your active network and slide Microsoft Defender Firewall to Off.

3. Restart Google Drive

If you are using Google Drive through a web browser, log out, close the web browser, make sure your internet connection is reliable, and then log in again.


You can also log out of Google Drive from your desktop as follows:

1. Click the Google Drive icon in the taskbar.

2. Tap the settings gear in the upper right corner.

3. Select Exit.

4. Reopen the application.

4. How to Recover Old Versions of Google Drive Files

Google Drive keeps a detailed edit history, including any and all modifications made to your files by any user with editing rights.


To go back to an earlier save of a file created in the Google ecosystem (such as on Google Docs), open the file and go to File > Version History > View Version History (or press Ctrl+Alt+Shift+H).

A history of changes made to the file will appear on the right side of the document and you can browse all revisions made.

For non-Google files you upload, right-click the file, click Manage Versions, and you can browse and download all previous versions of the file (up to 30 days or 100 versions).

5. How to Recover Disappeared Google Drive Files

If you are the only person with access to the file.

Check your Google Drive trash folder, which can be accessed via the trash can in the left-hand navigation.If you see the file you're looking for, right-click it and select Recover.Your files will now be available in their original location.

If your missing file isn't in your trash, the name may have changed, or it was accidentally moved to another file.Thankfully, Google Drive has advanced search capabilities.Try searching your file by keyword or date to see if it's in another location than you expected.

If multiple people are working on the file:

One of the most common problems with Google Drive is that if one person deletes a shared file, it deletes that file for everyone.There are many factors to consider when collaborating with Google Drive, but this is one of the most important.As with any other file storage system, you must keep your file backups in a separate, secure location.

The owner of a shared file can retrieve the file from its deleted files.Alternatively, if you have a Google Drive account at school or work, there may be an administrator who can view all deleted files for 30 days after they have been deleted and may be able to assist you in your situation.

6. Google Drive has run out of storage space

Google Drive's storage capacity is shared across services such as Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Gmail, as well as Google Photos.To find out how much space you're using across all of these Google services, visitGoogle OneStore pages.If you run out of space, you have a few options.

Delete data from Google Drive

The first is to clean up the files you no longer need.On Google Drive, click "Storage" on the left menu.This will show all your files, which you can sort by the storage used.

Highlight the file you want to delete, right-click it, and select Delete.Remember to delete it from the trash too.


You should also check to see if any third-party apps are using the storage covertly.To do this, tap the gear icon in the top right, and tap Settings > Manage Apps.

For each app, tap the option, if desired, you can use Delete hidden app data.You can also tap Disconnect from Drive to completely remove the app's integration.

upgrade yourGoogle Onestorage

Google Drive has 15GB of storage, which can quickly run out if you're not careful.If you can't find something to delete, consider paying to upgrade your storage capacity.

to view moreGoogle OnePricing for storage pages, you can pay a reasonable monthly or annual fee for 100GB, 200GB or 2TB of data.

7. Can't print on Google Drive

Printers and Google Drive sometimes don't play well together, but you have some options to try and get to the source of the problem.

1. Make sure your printer software is up to date.Since Google Drive is constantly being updated, it can quickly outpace your printer software.This can cause communication problems between the two services and cause printing errors.

2. Likewise, make sure that your web browser is up to date.

3. Disable any browser extensions that may interfere with your ability to print.

4. If you're still unable to print directly from Google Drive, it might be worth taking the time to download the file as a PDF and then print from a PDF software rather than a browser.

8. Cannot view or edit shared Google Drive files

This question comes up frequently because users have so many options when it comes to sharing Google Drive files with others.The person who sent you the link to the file may have missed a step in the process or selected the incorrect option.Therefore, you may not be able to see the file at all, or be able to see the file but not be able to make any modifications.

If you can't access a file, Google Drive will give you a button to request access from the file's owner, which will prompt them to change the file's sharing settings.

If you're the owner of a file and people are having trouble accessing the file, double-check that you've set the sharing parameters correctly.

9. How to use Google Drive offline

In order to use Google Drive offline, you will need to use the Google Chrome browser or install the Google Drive app on your PC or Mac.

On Chrome:

访问Google DriveSettings, and tick "Create, open, and edit recent Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides files on this device when offline".you will need to downloadGoogle Doc Offline pluginplugin, it will prompt you to do so.

You can only have one account per computer, so only enable it on the account you use most often.Also, to enable offline sync, you'll need to have an internet connection initially, so some planning is required the first time.

On your computer:

downloadGoogle Driveand follow the prompts to set up your account.Initially you have to be connected to the internet so your files can be synced to your computer.

You can do more with Google Drive

If the suggestions here didn't solve your problem, visit the Google Drive help page for more information.There's also a Google Drive help community where you can turn to others for support.

With Google Drive up and running, it's time to find out what else you can do with it.I have to say, Google Drive is a great tool.


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