How to Customize and Use Control Center on Apple Watch

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OnApple WatchYou might only be focusing on the watch face, but to get the most out of your watch, you also need to be familiar with Control Center, which gives you quick access to many different functions.

Next, we will take a closer look atApple WatchControl Center to learn about all the different features that are accessible and how to better customize it.

What is Apple Watch Control Center?

Like Control Center on the iPhone, the Apple Watch version is a place to find important information and quickly access features like Theater Mode, Focus, and more.

To access Control Center, you need to be on the watch face.If not, quickly press the Digital Crown.

You'll then swipe up from the bottom of the screen to bring up Control Center.To close Control Center, swipe down from the top of the screen or press the Digital Crown.

Take a closer look at the Apple Watch Control Center icon

To help you better understand everything that's available in Control Center, let's go through all the icons you'll see, starting at the top of the screen.

Cellular and Wi-Fi


If you have an Apple Watch GPS + Cellular, the first icon will be a cellular signal.You can select it to see more information about any active cellular plan and to toggle cellular service on and off.

If there is only one Apple Watch GPS, the first icon will be Wi-Fi signal.A brief press will toggle wireless on and off.A long press will reveal nearby networks that you can join.

Ping My iPhone and battery percentage


Pressing the Ping My iPhone icon will cause a nearby phone to make a noise that will help you find it even if it's on silent.A long press on the icon will cause your phone to play a tone and turn the flash of the iPhone's rear camera on and off.This is perfect for a lost phone under the bed or under the sofa cushion.

The percentage indicates how much charge is left on your Apple Watch battery.Pressing this number brings up an additional screen that turns on power reserve mode to help conserve battery.

Silent and Theater Mode


Selecting the ringtone icon will turn on silent mode, turning off any sounds the watch makes.You just tap your wrist and you'll get a haptic notification.It's important to note that you'll still hear alarms and timers in charging and silent modes.

When the next icon is selected -- aptly Theater Mode -- will prevent you from turning on the screen when you lift your wrist.It also turns on silent mode and makes the radio state unavailable.You'll still get haptic notifications, though.

When you want to see the screen in theater mode, tap the screen, press or turn the Digital Crown, or press the side button.You'll know Theater Mode is on when you see the icon at the top of the screen.

Intercom and Do Not Disturb/Focus


The radio icon will toggle mode availability and non-availability.With it, you can communicate with other Apple Watch wearers via short voice messages.It's a modern take on an iconic real-world device.

Pressing the moon icon will bring up a page where you can choose from a variety of modes, including Do Not Disturb, Sleep, and Focus.Do Not Disturb will completely stop any notifications from Apple Watch for a custom time frame.As part of the tracking, Sleep automatically puts the watch into sleep mode to help achieve specific sleep goals.

Flashlight and Airplane Mode


Tap the flashlight icon and choose from three different options to light up the night.Again, just like on your iPhone, press the airplane mode icon to turn off Wi-Fi and cellular, which is designed for flying.

Water Lock and Audio Out


Whenever you are in the water, be sure to use this icon to turn on the water lock function.It will automatically lock the screen to avoid accidental clicks.When done, simply turn the Digital Crown to exit this mode.The watch's internal speaker will squirt any water.Even if you didn't turn on the mode before entering the water, you can use it to clear water from the speaker.

When you want to listen to Apple Watch audio, select the Audio Out icon.You can choose which headphones to use.If you have a pair of headphones that you've never used on your watch, select Connect Device and follow the instructions.

Headphone volume and notifications


When you have headphones connected to the watch, press the headphone volume icon and a screen will appear where you can easily adjust the volume with the Digital Crown.

If a compatible headset is connected to the Apple Watch, you can use this icon to toggle Announce notifications on and off.To customize which apps you hear notifications when this setting is turned on, go to Settings > Siri > Announce Notifications.



The last icon will start the class time mode. Designed for students, but available to any Apple Watch user, Schooltime limits Apple Watch functionality to eliminate distractions on the device.In this mode, you will only see a simplified watch face.

How to Edit the Apple Watch Control Center


To better customize Control Center, you can easily rearrange or even remove certain icons.Access Control Center by swiping up.Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and select Edit.

All icons will start shaking.You can then drag the icons in the desired order.Press Done to save the selected configuration.

If you want, you can remove some of the icons with - when editing.To restore a deleted button, open the Control Center and select Edit.Scroll down to the bottom and use + to select any icon.Press Done when done.

in conclusion

Control Center on Apple Watch provides a one-stop shop for quick access to what you need.If you're looking for a specific feature on your Apple Watch, using the Control Center proficiently will greatly increase your productivity.


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