The 7 Best Photo Deletion Apps for iPhone

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Organizing your iPhone camera roll and cleaning up photos can get tedious if you're a big snapper.Comparing similar photos to choose the best, deleting useless screenshots, and culling poorly taken photos is time-consuming and irritating.

Wondering how to quickly and easily clean up photos on your iPhone?You can pick an iPhone app to delete photos from the list below to free up your phone storage.

These apps can easily delete duplicate or poor-quality photos on your iPhone to save space and reduce clutter.

1. Smart Cleaner


Smart CleanerWith high ratings and over 90000 reviews, it is one of the most popular photo deletion apps for iPhone users.

First, give the app a cleanup time period to consolidate your photos.Next, choose a category to start cleaning up your iPhone photos.Smart Cleaner categorizes your pictures like screenshots, live photos, photo notes, and even videos.For similar photos, the app automatically suggests a best photo or video to help you decide which media to keep.

In addition to cleaning up your iPhone's photos, you can also use Smart Cleaner to organize contacts, clear old calendar events, and more to declutter your iPhone.

Download: Smart Cleaner(free, subscription available)

2. Flic


Flic Basically Tinder for iPhone photos.The platform is very basic.Swipe left on the photo you want to delete and swipe right on the photo you want to keep.

Once you get to the end of the photo -- or when you want to stop it -- tap the trash can to permanently delete the photo from your iPhone.After you've done a huge photo scan, we recommend doing some album organization in the Photos app if you've used the app.

A really cool thing about Flic is that it instantly tells you how much memory you can save by deleting certain photos.This is a great way to encourage you to completely clean up the photos on your iPhone.

Download: Flic(Free, Premium)

3. slidebox


If you want to easily delete a lot of photos at once,slideboxis a great choice. Slidebox integrates directly with the iOS Photos app, so any changes you make in Slidebox will automatically appear in Photos.

Basically, Slidebox is a photo sorting assistant.Using Slidebox can greatly reduce the time it takes to clean up photos on your iPhone.When you're scrolling through your photo library in Slidebox, you'll swipe up on photos to discard them, then swipe sideways to scroll through duplicates.

You can easily open the pre-generated albums in the Photos app to sort through, or create a whole new album of your favorite photos worth saving.You can use Slidebox to store up to 10000 photos before you need to buy a subscription.

Download: slidebox(free, subscription available)

4. Cleanup


Cleanupis the most user-friendly and customizable photo deletion app on this list.During the initial application launch, you will be asked a series of short questions.These questions cover everything from why you use the app to how much time you currently focus on cleaning up photos on your iPhone.

One of the best options for this app is the customizable aspect.If you want to delete a lot of content in your photo library at once, then it can help quickly.

Download: Cleanup(free, subscription available)

5. Gemini Photos


I want to know Gemini Photos Is it related to the duplicate file finder Mac app Gemini 2?Yes, it does. Gemini's developer MacPaw decided to clean up your iPhone's photos with Gemini Photos.

This photo deletion app automatically selects bad cluttered photos and delivers them to you for review.You'll see everything from blurry and duplicate photos to screenshots and photos with text.Whether you want to follow the app's advice and destroy these photos in bulk or keep any of them is up to you.

You'll also find a set of similar photos, as well as the app's recommendations for keeping the best photos in the set.However, this feature is only available as a free trial for the first three days after you install the app.After that, you need a paid subscription.

How to clean up photos on your iPhone that don't belong to any of Gemini's preset categories?You can find them in the "Other" folder.All you need to do is swipe down to delete the photo, or swipe up to keep it.

Want to exclude certain photos (like those in your iPhone's hidden album) from future scans?no problem.You can add them to an application's ignore list.With Gemini Photos, you can also delete your entire photo library at once.

Download: Gemini Photos (Subscription required, free trial)

6. Phone Cleaner


Phone CleanerThe way it works is to sort your iPhone's photos and files by size, rather than sorting through your gallery and swiping to delete photos.You can then maximize storage space by deleting unnecessary photos, videos, and other files.

Use this app to clean up your iPhone photos in four different ways.Sorting by file size is a great option for creating space, but you can also use filters, sort by network, or sort by similarity.Sorting by similarity is the fastest way to delete duplicate photos in iPhone.

Download: Phone Cleaner (free, subscription available)

7. Cleaner


Instead of categorizing your photos, Cleaner has a simple, straightforward interface.Choose to follow all duplicate or similar photos by tapping the appropriate option on the home screen.If you want to clean up your iPhone's photos and videos by file size, use Cleaner's file cleaning option.

To free up more iPhone storage space, you can also use Cleaner to compress photos and videos without worrying about losing media resolution.

Download: Cleaner(Free with in-app purchases)

Clean up your iPhone photos for more storage space

Using the apps in the above list, you can avoid the tedious manual cleaning process and save your iPhone storage space effectively.These apps are all very easy to use, and if you're still bothered by cluttered photos, you should give them a try.

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