How to turn off in-app purchases on Android or iPhone

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Turning off in-app purchases is a great way to make sure you, especially your kids, don't end up buying expensive items from an installed app or game.When you disable this option, your phone will ask you to confirm every time you try to make a purchase from an app or game on your device.

How to Prevent Accidental App Purchases on Android

On Android, you can ask the Google Play Store to request authorization every time someone tries to purchase an in-app item on your phone.

1. First, launch the Google Play Store app on your phone.

2. In the upper right corner of the store, click your profile icon.


3. In the profile menu, tap "Settings".


4. On the Settings page, select Authentication.


5. In the expanded "Authentication" menu, click "Require Authentication for Purchase"


6. In the "Authentication for purchases" box that opens, enable the "Make all purchases on this device through Google Play" option.This way, your phone will ask you to authenticate when you buy an in-app item.

If you think you'll be making several in-app purchases in a short period of time, you can enable the "every 30 minutes" option so you won't be prompted to authenticate with each purchase.


7. If asked, enter your Google account password to continue.

From now on, you'll have to confirm each in-app purchase before you can make a purchase using an app or game on your phone.

How to Block In-App Purchases on iPhone or iPad

On an iPhone or iPad, you can use an option in "Screen Time" to limit your in-app purchases.

1. First, launch Setup on your iPhone.In Settings, scroll down a bit and tap "Screen Time".


2. Make sure you have configured the "Screen Time" feature.Then, on the "Screen Time" page, click the "Content and Privacy Restrictions" option.


3. Select the "iTunes and App Store Purchases" option.


4. Select "In-App Purchases".


5. Turn off in-app purchases on your phone by selecting "Don't Allow".


6. Then you're all set, make sure not to give your "Screen Time" passcode to someone else, or they might use it to lift the in-app purchase restriction.

The above is how to turn off the in-app purchase service on Android or iPhone, and hope that the application will bring you convenience and happiness without paying an expensive price.

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