Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4: Everything we know so far

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While Samsung's foldables are hard to satisfy, that doesn't mean they can't perform convincingly in the future.But how soon will this future come?Judging by early leaks and rumors, maybe SamsungGalaxy z fold 4It's the first foldable phone that's really worth buying.

Galaxy z fold 4It appears that there will be iterative improvements to its predecessors.That means a sturdier screen, a newer processor, and more.Here's everything we know about the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 so far.

Release Date and Pricing

We expect Samsung to debut the Galaxy Z Fold 2022 in August or September 8.It will be released alongside the Galaxy Z Flip 9, along with a mysterious unnamed phone we know nothing about. Pre-orders for the Galaxy Z Fold 4 will likely ship two weeks after the launch.

While we don't have any word to support an August or September release date, the three previous "folding" phones all launched in August or September. (Though the original Galaxy Fold was first revealed in February 8).

The pricing of the Galaxy Z Fold 4 remains a mystery.Samsung will likely stick to its $3 price tag on the Galaxy Z Fold 1,799, although some sources suggest the price is more competitive.

Design: Small but significant improvements


Some of the changes to the Galaxy Z Fold 4's design are pretty predictable.Like previous versions, the phone will likely feature a more durable screen (probably called Super Super Hard Glass) and improved dust or water resistance.An update to the phone's outer cover display is also a big possibility, given that Samsung finds little ways to improve the screen with every Galaxy Z Fold release.

Despite rumors of a new in-display fingerprint reader, a patent spotted by Korea Business Week suggests that Samsung will stick with a side-mounted sensor.

Other changes to the phone's design are unclear.A message from @TheGalox_ suggests that Samsung may use a single-hinge design to make the Galaxy Z Fold 4 a bit thinner.As reported by Android Police, the phone may have an integrated S Pen -- its predecessor worked with the S Pen, but it would require a bulky additional case.

And, we've also seen rumors of a bigger battery for the Galaxy Z Fold 4 (starting at 4400mAh, it's already quite large).I don't know how Samsung could have added a bigger battery if the phone got thinner and added an S Pen slot, so at least one of these rumors may not be true.To be fair, though, Samsung could definitely improve the power efficiency of the Galaxy Z Fold 4 by using a new chipset.

Spec Talk: A More Efficient Chip



Samsung has had a lot of issues with cooling the Galaxy S22.Since the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset is far less power efficient than one might initially expect, the phone comes with plenty of over-the-top hardware to prevent throttling.Of course, battery life is also a major concern when the chip isn't efficient.And it doesn't sound like the Galaxy Z Fold 4 has much room for a bigger battery.

So a new chip might be the solution.Sources from Ice Universe say that Samsung may use the Snapdragon 4 Gen 8 Plus chip in the Galaxy Z Fold 1.The processor may be more powerful than the Galaxy S22, but Samsung may be more interested in the chip's improved efficiency.

Customers in Europe and India can get an Exynos chip in their release of the Galaxy Z Fold 4.But we're not sure if Samsung will design a new chip or reuse the Exynos 2200 it introduced earlier this year.

Other spec changes for the Galaxy Z Fold 4 are unclear, likely because people don't care too much about the phone's storage or memory.It's worth mentioning that the base model of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 comes with 256GB of storage and 12GB of RAM, which is more than enough for an Android phone (and more storage than the base Galaxy S22 Ultra).

Camera: From the familiar Galaxy S22


Several leakers, including Dohyun Kim, have claimed that the Galaxy Z Fold 4 will feature a 108MP main camera.That puts it on par with the Galaxy S22 Ultra, which uses the same lens.Also, it seems that the phone will use the 22MP 22x telephoto lens introduced by the Samsung Galaxy S10 and S3+.

While we haven't heard of the phone's ultra-wide camera yet, the changes are pretty big. All other models of the Galaxy Z Fold use a 12MP main camera, and while the 10MP telephoto lens is technically a downgrade from the old 12MP tele, it supports 3x optical zoom, which is an improvement over 2x zoom.

All in all, the above information is only based on rumors, if the Galaxy Z Fold 4 is your favorite type of phone, plan your budget, and you may bring it home in August or September.


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