How to use your phone to find hidden cameras

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Have reason to doubt your partner or employer?Feel like someone is spying on you, maybe with a hidden camera?

As long as you know how to detect hidden cameras, you can discover the truth.Luckily, the hidden camera detector app can help you find hidden surveillance cameras, just using your smartphone.

Next, let's take a look at how to find hidden cameras with your phone.

Smartphones can detect hidden cameras


While it may look like a James Bond gadget, you can use your smartphone to detect hidden cameras.Generally speaking, there are two common ways to achieve this.

1. Detect electromagnetic fields.This type of application can detect magnetic fields.However, you need to have an idea of ​​where the camera might be.If a strong magnetic field is detected, it is likely that there is a camera hidden inside a wall or object.

2. Detect the light reflected from the lens.While this method is less reliable, it's still worth having an app like this, even if it's just to find small objects that fall on the carpet.

You can find hidden camera apps for Android and iPhone in the respective app stores.

Find Hidden Cameras With Your Android Phone

The following two apps can be used to discover hidden surveillance cameras on Android:

Download: Hidden Camera Detector (free)

Download: Glint finder (free)

Find hidden cameras with iOS

Download: Hidden Camera Detector(Free, in-app purchases)

DownloadDontSpy 2 - detector ($ 1.99)

These hidden camera finding apps are affordable and easy to use, though, if you're not sure, you can start with a free hidden camera detector.

How to Find Hidden Surveillance Cameras with Your Smartphone

No matter which app you choose, you'll be able to detect cameras and speakers, and possibly even hidden computers.

Such apps usually work the same way: showing proximity to a camera or other surveillance device.There should be enough information available to you to let you know where the device is hiding.

For example, we tried the hidden camera detector app on Android.After launching the app, it will glow red when the smartphone is near the camera.Use the direction of the red light to find the location of the camera.

Scanners also glow near other types of hardware, but with different results.When a camera is detected, the number displayed in the middle of the screen will exceed 100.


Hidden Camera Detector also has an IR mode that you can use to find hitherto unreachable cameras.


This is done by pointing the smartphone camera at an area where the camera may be hidden.If you can see a bright white disc on your phone display, there is a hidden camera nearby.This doesn't work with traditional types of cameras and is limited by the way cameras work.

Effective detection of hidden cameras


Note that when using these apps, you should first make sure you know what technology is in the room.Televisions, computers, smart assistants (such as the Amazon Echo), and other hardware can all cause interference.

However, it also helps if you hold the phone properly.You might initially think that a flat lift device, such as a remote, would work better.Where the sensor is placed inside the phone affects this.A little practice will help you get the best angle.

If you still have problems, take the phone out of the case.Some phone case materials can block signals from other devices, as well as disrupt the radiated field of the phone itself.Taking the phone out of the case should give you faster and more accurate camera detection results.

What to do when you spot a hidden camera

What should you do when you know there are hidden cameras watching you?

You may choose to call the police, but at the same time, you may also want to take action to end the surveillance activity.Then you should cover the lens with something like masking tape or adhesive, or move outside the camera's view.However, with cameras that may be hidden in high places, in light bulbs or smoke detectors, you may be hard-pressed to spot them.


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