How to Set a Sleep Timer in Apple Music in Various Devices

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Many people like to listen to it before going to bedApple MusicIf you are too, then you've probably been looking for a way to automatically stop the music when you fall asleep.

如果Apple MusicIt would be incredible to be able to stop playing music when you doze off, but until Apple introduced this feature, we had to rely on ancient timers to do the job.

Next, we'll show you how to set sleep timers on Apple Music for various devices:

How to Set a Sleep Timer for Apple Music on iPhone

Apple Music has a lot of features worth paying for.However, while Apple's Podcasts app has a built-in sleep timer, the Music app doesn't.This design inconsistency creates confusion.

There are two ways to set a sleep timer on your iPhone, and you can choose the method that works best for you.

1. Use the Clock app to set the Apple Music sleep timer

1. Open the Clock app on your iPhone and tap Timer in the lower right corner.


2. Now select the duration of the sleep timer.When done, tap "Timer End".


3. Scroll to the bottom and tap Stop Playing.Then click Settings.


4. You will return to the timer screen, tap Start.

5. Finally, you can open Apple Music and play any song you like.When the timer expires, the music stops automatically.

2. Create an automatic sleep timer

Alternatively, you can set a sleep timer for Apple Music by setting up an automatic program on your iPhone.Using this method, you can have the music automatically stop playing at a fixed time each day.

This method works best for those who are regular; if your sleep schedule varies widely, it may not work for you.

1. Download and open the free "Shortcuts " application and open it.

2. Select the Automation tab at the bottom.

3. If you've never created an automation on your iPhone, tap the blue button labeled Create Personal Automation.Otherwise, click the plus (+) button in the upper right corner, then click Create Personal Automation.



4. Now tap the time of day and choose the time you want to pause Apple Music.Click Next.

5. Click Add Action.

6. In the search bar at the top, enter "pause".Now hit play/pause (the one with the red play/pause icon next to it).


7. Tap Play/Pause again and select Pause from the menu at the bottom.


8. Now click Next and disable Ask Before Run.

You can now play music every night and your iPhone will automatically pause at the time you set.

How to Set a Sleep Timer for Apple Music on HomePod

If you listen to music with your HomePod, setting a sleep timer for Apple Music is pretty easy.Once you have music on the HomePod, just say.

Hey Siri, stop after two minutes.

This will enable your sleep timer.But according to feedback, Siri is very unstable, so if you try to say Siri commands in different ways, you may not get the results you want.

How to Set a Sleep Timer for Apple Music on Android

You need to download a third-party app to set a sleep timer for Apple Music on your Android device.Follow the steps below to get this feature:

1. Download the free "Sleep timer "application.

2. Select the number of minutes you want the music to play.You can do this by moving the slider in a circle.The minutes in the timer are shown in large font in the center.

3. Click Start.

Now your Apple Music songs will automatically pause after the set time.Plus, the app allows you to adjust different options through built-in settings.For example, you can instruct the app to wait for the end of the current track before pausing the music.

Note that the app works with most Android devices, but in some cases it may not automatically pause music.In this case, the app will mute the music and continue playing in the background, which may drain the battery.

How to Set a Sleep Timer for Apple Music on Mac

If you're used to playing music with your Mac before bed, here's what you need to do to set a sleep timer:

1. Open the Apple menu and click System Preferences.

2. Now click on Battery.

3. Click Plans at the bottom of the sidebar.

4. On the page that opens, check the box next to Sleep.You can also click Sleep to display a drop-down menu.If you wish to automatically shut down your computer instead of putting it to sleep, you can choose to shut down here.

5. Set the date and time when you want your Mac to go to sleep, then click OK.


Now you can play music before bed and your Mac will automatically pause playback and go into sleep mode.Remember that the Mac will go into sleep mode after 10 minutes of the scheduled time.

Putting your Mac to sleep might not be the most elegant solution for Apple Music's sleep timer, but it does the job well.If Apple added a native sleep timer, it would definitely be one of the features worth trying in Apple Music.

How to Set a Sleep Timer for Apple Music on Windows

You can also set a sleep timer for Apple Music on Windows, here's how:

1. Press Windows key+R.

2. Type cmd and hit enter.

3. Type shutdown -s -t 3600, where 3600 is the number of seconds for the timer.You can change it to any number you like and hit enter.

This will automatically shut down your computer after the specified time, and as a result, Apple Music will also be paused.

Let music accompany you to sleep

It's unclear when Apple will release a built-in sleep timer with the Apple Music app on all platforms.But with the above methods, you can easily let soothing bedtime music accompany you to sleep.


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