11 Best Android Widgets for Your Home Screen

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Widgets have been a part of Android since day one, and they remain one of the platform's most useful features.These applets you can put on your home screen are ideal for quick, at-a-glance information, like weather updates.Sometimes, they even have buttons to control music or your phone's flashlight.

But with so many apps offering cool widgets, how should you choose?Next, we've picked out for you the best Android widgets every user should have.

1. Today's Best Gadgets:Google At a Glance


Want to keep your home screen uncluttered and have a handy schedule summary?In fact, you already have the best widgets you may not have noticed.

At a Glance is part of the Google app installed on every Android phone.It's a one-line, full-width widget that updates throughout the day, showing information like traffic or your next appointment.If nothing special happens, it makes a nice date and weather widget.

Download: Google At a Glance (free)

2. Best Twitter Widget: Albatross for Twitter


Third-party Twitter apps aren't always ideal on Android.They lack some features of the official app and have a limited number of users.But they're also worth looking into, since the official Twitter client has no widgets.

Albatross is a great option if you want to take a peek at your timeline, see tweets from specific users you follow, or just want to find shortcuts on the home screen that let you quickly post your thoughts.

Download: Albatross for Twitter(Free, in-app purchases)

3. Best Weather Widget:Overtop Weather


Overdrop is one of the most impressive additions to Android's ever-expanding genre of weather apps.It is one of the most beautiful apps and provides accurate minute by minute forecasts from various weather services.

It also has a strong focus on gadgets.You get 25 free gadgets, plus 29 if you upgrade via in-app purchases.They cover almost every style you can think of.

Download: Overdrop Weather(Free, in-app purchases)

4. Best Music Widget: Musicolet Music Player


Spotify, Apple Music, and other streaming services all have their own widgets that let you control your music without opening the app.However, if you prefer listening to music stored on your phone and want a nice looking widget to control it, Musicolet is the way to go.

Not only is it a great music player, with unusual features like support for headphone controls and multiple queues, it also offers a handy selection of widgets.These include basic features like standard music controls with album art, as well as a larger option that lets you browse a playlist of your choice.

Download: Musicolet Music Player(Free, in-app purchases)

5. Best Clock & Alarm Widget: Chronus


Every home screen needs a beautiful clock widget. Chronus provides you with a bunch of these parts.It offers a choice of digital and analog clocks and adds agenda views, weather, stocks or news feeds.It even has a Google Fit-compatible widget that puts your daily step count on your home screen.

You can customize the look and feel of every part of your Chronus widget.You can make it even more useful by downloading some third-party extensions from the Play Store.Once you get the hang of how to customize Chronus widgets, they become some of the coolest widgets on Android.

Download: Chronus(Free, in-app purchases)

6. Best Flashlight Widget:flash light widget

Flashlights are one of the most notorious categories of Android apps.They are often filled with spam ads, and permissions to snoop on your data or worse.

flash light widget It's a breath of fresh air.It's free, open source, has no ads, and doesn't require permissions.

In fact, all it does is place a tiny toggle button on your home screen that you can use to toggle your flashlight.When you think about it, it's really all it needs to do, which is why it's one of the most useful widgets and one of our top widget apps for Android.

Download: flash light widget (free)

7. Best Note Widget:Google Keepand Samsung Notes


You can find a lot of great notepad apps with widgets in the Play Store.but they are difficult toGoogle Keepcompared to.

It provides two widgets.One is a simple shortcut bar that lets you create a basic note, list, voice memo, handwritten note, or photo note.Another allows you to pin notes on your home screen.It's ideal for shopping lists or other things you need to keep in mind while you're out and about.

Download: Google Keep (free)


While Google Keep has some great note widgets, Samsung users also get access to one of Samsung's best widgets - Samsung Notes.Widget options here include a snazzy toolbar, miniature sticky notes shortcuts, and a larger full-view option.

Download: Samsung Notes (free)

8. Best Battery Widget:Battery Widget Reborn


When you need to keep an eye on your phone's remaining charge, a simple battery widget is essential to help you extend battery life throughout the day.

Battery Widget Reborn Very simple: it's a small 1x1 circle with a number in it.The number can be a percentage or an estimated time remaining on the phone's battery.You can also click to see some additional battery stats.

For those who like nice graphs, Battery Widget Reborn also offers a cool graph widget that lets you see how your battery life will decrease at your current usage rate.

Download: Battery Widget Reborn(Free, in-app purchases)

9. Best Calendar Widget: Month


Month is a beautiful set of calendar widgets with over 90 themes that work seamlessly with any wallpaper, icon set or launcher you use.Everyone can use it to find something that suits them.

You can choose from the elegant, transparent, full-page Month view, or the more functional Agenda view for busy professionals.And, it is also fully compatible with Google Calendar.

Download: Month(Free, in-app purchases)

10. Best To-Do Widget:ticktick


ticktickis a great task management app that comes with a bunch of widgets that are guaranteed to make your work a lot more productive.From multi-page comprehensive to-do lists, to three-day agenda views, to basic checklists.There's even a Pomodoro timer widget to help you procrastinate less and get more done.

Download: ticktick(Free, in-app purchases)

11. Best Stock Widget: Investing.com Stock Exchange


Tracking your stock price is one of the best uses for gadgets. Investing.com has a nice little tool as part of its Stock Exchange app.You can search for stocks on over 70 exchanges around the world and keep track of how many you like.These stocks are automatically added to your widget, and you can resize it to fit the entire home screen panel.You can then view real-time price updates.

Download: Investing.com Stock Exchange(Free, in-app purchases)

best android widgets

These are just some of the best Android widgets, and most apps offer their own widgets.You can try to check it out, because it's easy to miss some really useful extra features in the apps you use every day. Gmail, Snapchat, Spotify, VLC, Fitbit, Chrome, and many other apps have these widgets.


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