How to solve the problem that iMessage cannot be sent in time?Here are 6 ways

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if you use iPhone It's been a long time, then you may have encountered this problem: Sending from the Messages appiMessage , found one or more iMessage not delivered in time.

This is frustrating and frustrating.But you're not powerless - here are a few ways to try and help you out.

Waiting for recipient's phone connection


The problem of iMessage sending failure is not the same.In one case, when you send a message, you don't see any kind of "Delivered" label below the message bubble; in other cases, you'll see a red warning saying "Not Delivered."However, it just doesn't say it's delivered, even after a few minutes, keep in mind that the most likely explanation is that the recipient's phone is off, or is inFlight mode, or there is a problem with the recipient's telephone signal reception.

Either way, the message hasn't been delivered yet, but it will eventually.Just be patient.

Check your internet connection

If you see a red exclamation mark and a "non-delivery" message below the message, the most common reason is that you don't have internet access. iMessage requires internet access via WiFi or cellular, so if you have no service, network issues, or are in airplane mode, you won't be able to send messages.Check your WiFi and cell phone signal to make sure your phone can communicate with the outside world.

try to send again or send as sms

You can click the exclamation mark to try sending again.


If your message hasn't been delivered and you know your internet connection is reliable -- or at least you just got a good internet connection -- try resending the message.Click the exclamation mark and select Try again from the pop-up menu.If it still fails, you can see if the problem is specific to iMessage by trying "Send as Text".Your phone will try to send the message as an SMS message, and while this may work, keep in mind that this will be sent using your phone's cellular SMS plan and you may be charged.

restart cellphone

There is another way, you can restart your iPhone.There may be a problem with your messaging app or your phone's network connection, which can be fixed by closing and reopening it.

Check if iMessage is disabled

Make sure iMessages is enabled on your phone

iMessage uses blue message bubbles.If you sent one or more messages and they appear as green bubbles, they were sent using SMS.

There are several reasons why this happens.You may be sending a message to a non-Apple device.Only Apple devices support iMessage, so this isn't uncommon.But it's also possible that iMessage is turned off on your phone or on the recipient's device.To see if it's disabled on your own phone, launch the Settings app and tap Messages, then swipe the button to the right to make sure iMessage is turned on.

Make sure iMessage is activated

You may also see a message saying "Waiting for Activation" in Messages.If you see this message when trying to send an iMessage, you've used your iPhone for less than a day and all of your phone's services have not been fully activated.

In this case, the best thing to do is to wait for the phone to finish activating.However, if you've used your phone for more than a day and you're still seeing the message, make sure your phone has the latest version of the software and contact your carrier to see if there's a problem with your messaging settings.

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