How to change your PlayStation username on PS4, PS5 and the web

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If you're a gamer, you probably want to change your username often.It's easy to change your PlayStation Network (PSN) username or account name, whether it's the username you had when you first got your console, or one you're getting bored with.

Next, let's see howPS4,PS5and change your PSN name on the web:

How toPS4Change your PSN username on

1. In the main dashboard, navigate to Settings (depicted by the Toolbox icon) and select it.

2. Find the Account Management option and select it.

3. Select Account Information, then Profile, and finally Online ID.

4. Click Online ID and accept the warning displayed by Sony to continue.


Once you've changed your PS4 username, you'll be logged out of all your devices.You will need to log in again; you will then see your new username displayed.

How toPS5Change your PSN username on

While very similar to changing your username on PS4, there are some very subtle differences when it comes to changing your username on PS5.

1. From the main dashboard, navigate to Settings (depicted by a gear icon) and select it.

2. Select the "Users and Accounts" option.

3. Select Account, then Profile.

4. Sony will display some warnings that you need to accept before proceeding.

5. Enter your existing PSN credentials.


When you've completed the on-screen instructions, you'll be logged out of the device; same as PS4.

How to Change Your PSN Username Using a Web Browser

In addition to changing your PlayStation username directly from the console, you can also change it online.You'll notice that Sony refers to your username as "Online ID".This is the same as your username, so don't worry it's something different.

1. Navigate toPlayStationwebsite and click Login.

2. Click on your avatar next to your wishlist (heart icon) and shopping cart, then select your name/username.

3. On your profile dashboard, click Edit next to your online ID.

4. Read the important information, if you agree to the information, please click I accept to continue.

5. Click "Continue" to edit your username.

6. Enter your new online ID in the search box.


When you change your username on the website, it will also change your username across the PlayStation Network, including on your PS4 or PS5 console.

Can you recover your PlayStation username?

In some cases, users may experience technical issues when changing their PlayStation username.If something goes wrong, you can restore your username to the way it was for free.

While there's no guarantee that restoring your username will fix any issues, since it's free, it's worth a shot if you're stuck.

How much does it cost to change your PSN Online ID?

While you can change your PSN username an unlimited number of times, only the first time is free.

If you've previously changed your PlayStation username on PS4, PS5, or the web and applied for the first free change, subsequent changes will be charged.

An account costs $9.99 per username change.However, if you have a PS Plus subscription, Sony is offering a 50% discount, which means you can change your username for $4.99.

in conclusion

While many gaming services allow you to change your username, there's often a price to pay, and Sony is no exception here.Therefore, we recommend that you choose your PlayStation username carefully, as it can cost you nearly $10 every time you change your mind.

However, the entire modification process is very simple.So if you get tired of your old PS4 or PS5 username, you can easily change it.


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