10 reasons why you shouldn't buy the OnePlus 7 Pro

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OnePlus 10 ProArguably an impressive phone, with the latest and greatest hardware, an impressive set of cameras, and blazing fast charging.However, it's far from perfect, and it has some weird problems of its own.

Put asideOnePlus 10 ProWith so many great features, let's take a look at 7 of its shortcomings:

1. Slower 5G


For a flagship phone that costs nearly $900,OnePlus The lack of mmWave 10G on the 5 Pro is a surprising and noteworthy omission.That means you can't get download speeds above 1Gbps with mobile data, as influencers and commenters often show on social media.

mmWave 5G is best known in the US, so if you live elsewhere in the world, you probably won't be affected as much.Still, in this day and age, it's still surprising that an Android flagship device is released without mmWave 5G support.

According to the current situation,OnePlus The 10 Pro will run best on T-Mobile's network in the US.The phone hasn't been certified for Verizon's low-band and mid-band 5G, which is important because the phone lacks support for mmWave 5G.

Finally, the 10 Pro won't work on AT&T's 5G network because the phone hasn't been certified, and the company doesn't plan to.That means you can only use the phone on AT&T's 4G network.

2. Potentially unreliable updates


OxygenOS is one of the main strengths of OnePlus devices, although it's always a little buggy.However, things turned around after the company merged with Oppo.

The company used its own time to release the Android 9-based OxygenOS 12 update for the OnePlus 12 series.However, as The Verge reported, the version was so buggy that it had to be pulled back within days of its release.In the end, it took OnePlus over a month to fix all the issues.

To make matters worse, OxygenOS is now based on the same codebase as Oppo's ColorOS.It now only exists as a skin for the latter's Android version.For this reason, the overall experience has taken a back seat, with many ColorOS elements now being imposed on OnePlus users.

3. No IP68 certification

IP68 dust and water resistance has become a common feature in high-end and flagship Android smartphones.Although the OnePlus 10 Pro costs a whopping $900, it doesn't have an official IP rating.The phone can survive being submerged in water or exposed to dust because it has the necessary internal rubber protection, but it is not officially certified.

That's because obtaining IP certification for the device will further increase OnePlus' production costs, and the company may want to save on associated costs.Note that there is a difference between waterproof and water resistant, certification just gives you more peace of mind.

4. Worse software support than Samsung


When you buy a flagship phone, you expect flagship-grade software support.However, OnePlus' software support pales in comparison to Samsung's Galaxy flagship devices.They'll get four OS updates, while OnePlus only guarantees three Android updates for the 10 Pro.

Additionally, Google and Samsung roll out monthly security patches for their devices, but OnePlus only promises updates every two months.

5. Downgraded camera


For a phone that competes with the iPhone and Samsung's Galaxy S line, the OnePlus 10 Pro offers a very choppy camera experience. The 800-megapixel telephoto camera is noticeably inferior to other high-end phones in this price range.Reviews suggest that in low light, the sensor simply can't compete with the competition.

Also, the ultra-wide-angle camera is a downgrade from last year's OnePlus 9 Pro -- it's a physically smaller sensor that doesn't collect as much light, resulting in worse photos in low light.

Also, the macro function is gone, so you can't take extreme close-ups of your subjects.Instead, you'll get an extremely wide field of view of 150 degrees, but the edges of the photo will be severely warped.

还有其他一些奇怪的问题,最终提供了一个不合格和混乱的相机体验,包括被限制在只能以30fps的全高清分辨率从前面的3200万像素自拍器和长焦相机录制视频。8K视频录制也比去年的9 Pro有所下降,因为它现在被限制在24fps而不是30fps。

6. No 80W fast charging in the US


OnePlus phones are known for their super-fast charging speeds, and the 10 Pro further raises the benchmark in this department with its 80W wired charging.However, this feature is not available in the North American unit of the device.

In a post on the OnePlus forums, the company revealed that the 10 Pro will be limited to 65W fast charging in the US.This is because "80W SUPERVOOC does not currently support 110V or 120V AC power", which is a popular standard in the US.

While 65W is still fast enough to charge the 32Pro's 10mAh battery in 5000 minutes, seeing the same phone offering faster charging speeds in other parts of the world may be hard to swallow.

7. Its price is high compared to what it offers

OnePlus phones have been known in the past for offering good value for money.With a starting price of $10, though, the 900 Pro isn't exactly a budget phone by any measure.For its price, the OnePlus 10 Pro doesn't offer the same experience as other flagship devices in this segment.The camera experience, poor 5G support and software support are notable Achilles' heels.

If you're looking to spend $900 on a smartphone, you're not short of options.Some of them may have more features or better performance than what you get on the 10 Pro.

in conclusion

In conclusion, the current OnePlus is no longer the company that rocked the smartphone market with its impressive offerings.While the OnePlus 10 Pro has an impressive spec sheet, some glaring omissions mean it can't compete as much as you'd hope with the best from Apple, Samsung, Google, and others.

Since the competition between flagship phones is so fierce, you should carefully compare the existing products before making a choice. I hope the above review will help you if you need to replace your phone.


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