What is the AR Zone app on Samsung phones?can you delete it?

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Whether you've just bought a brand new Samsung smartphone or have updated your current Samsung device to Android 10 or above, you've probably noticed a few odd apps floating around on your apps page.One of the apps is namedAR Area, leaving many users wondering, "This on my phoneAR Areawhat is it? ".

Here's what you need to know about the AR Zone app, including how to use it and whether you can uninstall it.

What is the AR Zone app?


Zone apps, AR apps, and even emoji apps are just some of the names users have given Samsung's AR Zone app. AR means Augmented Reality, and the AR Zone app aims to bring this technology to the palm of your hand.

While only some flagship smartphones in the Galaxy S and Note series have DepthVision cameras, that doesn't prevent other models from using their regular cameras to run the app.Many Samsung users reported seeing the AR Zone app on their phone for the first time after they updated to Android 10, which is now pre-installed on all new Samsung devices.

You can launch it via the app's shortcut, or via your camera.

What can you do with AR Zone?

Right now, the AR zone app is more of a gimmick than anything else.In fact, many see it as more of an AR emoji app than the sophisticated tool Samsung wants.


Users can use the AR Emoji Camera to turn themselves into emoji, create AR doodles, get creative in the AR Emoji Studio, and use AR masks, stamps and frames in decorative pictures or AR Emoji stickers, both of which Both feel like inferior versions of Snapchat filters and Instagram effects.

While creating a weird AR doodle or two can be fun, especially for kids, you'll need to download an additional AR emoji editor app to personalize your own AR avatar, which makes the current AR Zone app The program is not suitable for use.

Can you uninstall the AR Zone app?

If you don't like AR avatars, doodles, stickers, and emojis, then you've probably tried uninstalling the AR Zone app, but found you can't.

That's right, AR Zone is a system app, which means once it's on your phone, you'll be stuck with it.However, that also means it's absolutely safe.However, if you just don't want to see it cluttering up your app pages, then you have the option to remove it from the apps screen, which effectively hides it unless you're accessing the app through your phone camera.

To remove the AR Zone app from the Apps screen, open the app, point to the gear icon in the upper right corner, and turn off Add AR Zone to Apps Screen.


Once you do this, the app will actually disappear, but will still be installed on your phone.

To access an app or add it back to the apps page, go to your phone camera, swipe to More camera options, and select AR Zone.This will open the AR Zone app.If you want to add the AR Zone app back to your apps screen, you can go back to the gear icon from here.

If you want to completely remove the AR Zone app, which some users have reported using their computer and ADB to do, you can go to YouTube to find a video about it.But be aware that this process may cause problems with other apps on your device.

reality and future

Whether you like AR or not, the reality is that this type of technology is here to stay.In addition to seeing the growth of AR applications, we're also just beginning to experience the tip of the iceberg for real-world experiences.

While Samsung's AR Zone app may still leave a lot to be desired, we expect significant changes in the field over the next few years, which hopefully will lead to more and more useful AR features.

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