How to Backup Your PlayStation 5 Data

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If you don't want to lose anything on your PS5 console, then you should learn to back it up.

The protection of video game data is important because it represents a significant amount of time spent.You don't want to lose your progress on a game you've almost finished, or in an old game where you've unlocked everything.

Here's a guide to backing up your data on PS5 so you don't lose everything in the event of a hardware failure or accidental deletion.

How to backup everything on your PS5

If you want a one-time backup of yourPlayStation 5For the full content, you should use the built-in backup tool.This will allow you to back up all of your important data from your console to a USB drive, but there are a few things to consider first.

To minimize the size of your backups, it's a good idea to manage your PS5's storage space first.Uninstalling any games you no longer play and deleting old captures will reduce backup time.Visit Settings > Storage to see how much space your console is using.Note that other categories are not included in the backup, as this includes system software files and other data that does not need protection.


If you have an M.5 SSD in your PS2, its contents are not included in the backup.Make sure to move the things you want to back up to the internal storage first (follow the guide linked above).

Trophies are the only data type not backed up with this tool.The trophies you've earned will periodically sync with your PlayStation Network account, which will back them up.To run this sync manually, select your profile icon from the top right corner of the PS5 home screen and select the trophy.On the resulting menu, tap Options on the controller and select Sync with PlayStation Network.

run a backup program

When you're ready to back up, connect an external hard drive to your PS5, making sure it has enough space to hold everything on your system.Go to Settings > System > System Software > Backup & Restore > Backup Your PS5.Here, select the type of data you want to back up.You can choose from the following options:

1. Games and Apps (if you only want to back up certain games, select the pencil icon).

2. Saved game data

3. Screenshots and video clips you take

4. Host Settings

The choice here depends on your needs.If you have a fast internet connection and don't mind re-downloading digital games, you can choose to just back up your save data.Saved data and screenshots are irreplaceable; games and settings are less precious.


Once you've selected the information to back up, you'll see the size of the backup file.If you want to remember anything about the backup, enter a description and click Backup.During this process, your console will restart several times.When it's all done, you'll see the backup complete.

Restore your PS5 backup

If you need to factory reset your PS5 to fix a problem (like a flashing blue light error) or your data gets corrupted for some other reason, you can restore the backup you made.

Note that restoring data on the PS5 will erase all data currently on the console.If you have any new data on your PS5 that hasn't been backed up, follow one of the methods below to back it up elsewhere before continuing.

To start the restore, reconnect the same USB drive to your system and go back to Settings > System > System Software > Backup & Restore.This time choose to restore your PS5.


Next, select the data you want to restore from the backup.You don't have to select all of the data, but since this process clears all data from the console, it's usually best to restore them all.As with backups, your console will restart several times when restoring data.When it's done, you'll see the home screen and be ready to go.

When you use the recovery process, your PS5 automatically turns off the console sharing and offline game settings.This is for game sharing on PS5, so if you take advantage of this feature, be sure to turn it back on after the restore is complete.

How to Backup PS5 Saved Data to the Cloud

One of the perks of being a PlayStation Plus user is the ability to back up all your saves to cloud storage.The service offers 5GB for PS100 saves and another 4GB for PS100 saves.

Your PS5 will do this automatically, but it's worth checking to make sure everything is working as you expect.Also, you can make manual backups when needed.

To make sure your PS5 saves automatic backups, you need to enable a few options.Please check the following:

Visit Settings > System > Battery Saver > "Features Available in Rest Mode" and enable "Stay Connected to the Internet" so your PS5 can upload saved data while in sleep mode.

Go to Settings > Saved Data and Game/App Settings.To protect PS5 saved data, select Saved Data (PS5), then Sync Saved Data > Auto-Sync Saved Data > Enable Auto-Sync.Then select "Saved Data (PS4)" > "Auto Upload" > "Enable Auto Upload" to protect PS4 game saves.


You can check if your PS5 game's save data has been updated in the cloud in Settings > Save Data and Game/App Settings > Save Data (PS5) > Sync Save Data > View Sync Status.To quickly check a title, press the options button on your controller with the game focused on the home screen, then tap Check Sync Status of Saved Data to make sure your latest progress has been synced.


When you want to manually update the copy of save data in cloud storage, go back to Settings > Save data and game/app settings and choose Save Data (PS5) or Save Data (PS4).For either, select Console Storage, then select one or more games, then select Upload to Cloud Storage.To restore cloud storage to your system later, follow the same process, but select cloud storage, then download to console storage.


However, the PS5 does not allow you to back up data stored on a single PS5 to a USB drive.This could be Sony's move to encourage PlayStation Plus subscriptions.You can move your PS4 game's save data to a USB drive under "Settings > Saved Data and Game/App Settings > Saved Data (PS4) > Console Storage", check any games you want to copy, and select "Copy to USB Drive".


The only option for copying PS5 save data to a USB device is to back up all save files using the backup process above.

Protect everything on your PS5

Back up yourPlayStation 5It's not difficult to get all the important data on.Losing save data after dozens of hours of lengthy games like Elden Ring or Persona 5 Royal is heartbreaking, so setting up backups ahead of time is crucial.With occasional full and cloud backups, you shouldn't lose any important progress.


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