How to View, Delete, and Turn Off Your Location History on iPhone

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For various reasons, at some point you need to recall where you've been recently and before, so you can use your iPhone's past location history to determine your presence at that location.

Here are two ways to find your location history on your iPhone using Apple's vital locations and Google Maps.We'll also walk you through the steps to delete your saved location history and how to turn it off.

How to Check Your Location History on iPhone

When you set up your iPhone, you can choose to turn on location services.Because most apps like food delivery, taxi, weather and payment apps need your location to work.When you enable location services, Significant Locations is also enabled.

According to Apple, Significant Locations "tracks the places you've recently visited, and when and how often you visit them."This end-to-end encrypted location data is used to provide you with personalized services, such as predictive traffic routes.

If you want to check your iPhone's location history, here's how:

1. Open Settings and tap Privacy.

2. Tap Location Services.

3. Scroll to the end and click System Services.

4. Click on important places and you will see the places you have recently visited, including the date, approximate location on the map and some other details.


If you haven't enabled "Significant Locations", you can enable it now and check back in a few days.

How to Find Your Location History Using Google Maps on iPhone

You can only see location history in Google Maps if:

1. The Google Maps app is installed on your iPhone.

2. Allow Google Maps to always access your location (iPhone Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Google Maps > Always).

3. Log in to Google Maps with your Google account.

4. Location History has been enabled (Google Maps > Profile Picture Icon > Your Data in Maps > Location History > On).

Here's how to find your location history in Google Maps on iPhone:

1. Open Google Maps and click on your profile picture.

2. Tap your data on the map.

3. Tap View and Delete Activity under Location History.


4. Here you will see today's location history with your travel route and stops.Tap "Today" to choose a different date, or use the arrows (< and >) to go to an adjacent date and view location history.


You can also view and manage your location history in the Google Maps timeline.Here's how to access it.

iPhone: Google Maps app > Personal Photos > Your Timeline.

Computer:, log in with your Google account.

How to Delete and Stop Saving Location History on iPhone

You can easily stop Apple and Google from storing the location history of the places you visit.

Turn off Significant Locations

Significant Locations are encrypted and Apple cannot read them.However, if you feel uncomfortable, you can turn off the switch for "Significant Locations" to prevent Apple from storing this data.

Here's how to clear location history and turn off Significant Locations on iPhone:

1. Open Settings and tap Privacy.

2. Tap Location Services > System Services.

3. Click "Important Locations".

4. From here, first, tap Clear History, which will delete your recorded locations from all your Apple devices using this Apple ID.

5. Next, switch to Off Important Locations > Off.

How to Turn Off Google Maps Location History or Timeline

By default, your Google Maps location history is automatically deleted after 18 months.But you can change it to 3 months, 36 months, or even choose not to automatically delete.Methods as below:

1. Click your profile picture in Google Maps and select your data in the map.

2. Click "On" under Location History.

3. Under Auto-Delete (On), tap Delete activities older than 18 months.

4. Select a different option to automatically delete excess activity.


Here's how to delete all or dated Google Maps location history.

1. Open Google Maps and click on your profile picture.

2. Tap your data on the map.

3. Click On under Location History.

4. From here, tap Manage History.

5. To delete all data, tap the Settings icon and select Delete all location history.

6. To delete the location history for an individual date, tap "Today" from the top right.Now, use the arrows (< and >) or the drop-down options at the top to go to a date or time period.Finally, click the delete icon > delete date.


Finally, is how to turn off location history in Google Maps.

1. In the Google Maps app, tap your profile picture.

2. Tap to select your data in the map.

3. Tap Close > Pause to stop Google Maps from saving your location history.



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