How to copy and paste between Windows 11/10 PC and Android device

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Copying and pasting text or images is one of the most convenient ways to transfer data between software.In Windows, you can copy items to the clipboard for pasting elsewhere.

Today, thanks to Windows and SwiftKey's cloud clipboard feature, you can paste copied items into Android apps as well as desktop software.

Next, let's take a look at how this is done:

1. How to Enable Cloud Clipboard in Windows 11

Cloud Clipboard is a sync feature available in Windows 10 (version 1809 or later) and Windows 11.This feature enables users to synchronize the Windows clipboard contents so that they can share (paste) it with other devices.Note that this feature is limited to sharing copied text snippets.To copy and paste between PC and mobile device, you first need to enable cloud clipboard in Windows 11/10 as shown below.

1. Click the button for the search tool (magnifying glass icon) on the taskbar.

2. Type clipboard in the search box to search for clipboard settings.

3. Tap Clipboard Settings in the search results to open the options shown directly below.



4. If the Clipboard History option is disabled, switch to this option.

5. Press the "Start" button for the cross-device sharing option.

6. Select a Microsoft account email address to send a verification code.

7. Then check your email for a verification code.Enter the code in the text box and click the Verify button.

8. Select the Automatically sync my copied text option.

2. How to enable clipboard sync with SwiftKey in Android?

After you have enabled cloud clipboard in Windows, you need to do the same on your Android mobile device.To do this, add the Microsoft SwiftKey Android app to your phone or tablet. SwiftKey is a touch keyboard application that includes cloud clipboard functionality, which is not enabled by default.

Here's how to add SwiftKey to your mobile device and enable its clipboard sync:

1. Turn on your Android mobile device.

2. Open the Google Play app.

3. Type SwiftKey into the search box on Google Play to find the app.

4. Click on Microsoft SwiftKey to open its download page.

5. Then select the Install option for the SwiftKey app.


6. Open the SwiftKey app on your mobile device.

7. You will then need to log in to your Microsoft account the first time you launch the app.

8. Click the "Rich Input" option in SwiftKey.


9. Select the Clipboard option to directly open the settings below.


10. Turn on the Sync Clipboard History setting there.

11. After this, you will be prompted to log in to your Microsoft account again for verification.Select the "OK" option to verify the account.

12. Also, make sure that the Remember copied items option is enabled.

13. Although not required, you can choose to enable Show last copied item as a quick paste option in the forecast bar settings.If this option is not selected, you will only be able to paste recently copied items from another device.

The cloud sync feature only works with the default SwiftKey keyboard.So make sure you have that keyboard enabled.You can check your device's keyboard settings by selecting Language & Input > Default Keyboard in Android's Settings app. Microsoft SwiftKey should be the default keyboard selected there.

3. How to copy and paste text between PC and mobile

Now you can try copying and pasting some text between your Windows PC and your mobile device, here's how:

1. Open the search tool in Windows 11 and enter Notepad in its text box.

2. Click Notepad in the search results to open the desktop application's window.

3. Enter some sample text in Notepad.

4. Select the sample text with your cursor and press the Ctrl + C hotkey.Alternatively, you can select the Copy option on Notepad's Edit menu.

5. Now turn on the Android mobile device where you added the SwiftKey.

6. Launch the Google Chrome app on the Android device.

7. Open the Google search engine in your browser.

8. Tap in the Google search box to bring up the SwiftKey keyboard.

9. Then tap the clipboard icon at the top of the keyboard.


10. You should see a Copy from another device box with the sample text you copied, as shown in the snapshot below.Click the box to paste the sample text into the Google search engine.


Of course, you can also copy and paste text from an Android device to Windows.Enter some text into a suitable Android application.To copy an entered snippet, tap and hold part of the text to highlight it.Then drag the highlighter handle over all the text and select the "Copy" option.


Find copied text on Windows 11/10 clipboard.Press the Windows + V hotkey to display the clipboard history.You'll see the text copied on the Android device, like in the snapshot below.Select the copied item, open the word processor, and paste it by pressing the Ctrl + V keyboard shortcut.


Text snippets copied to the SwiftKey clipboard will expire in one hour.However, you can pin items to the clipboard and keep them there.To do this, open SwiftKey and select its rich input and clipboard options.From there you can view and delete copied items.Click the pin icon for a copied item to stop it from expiring after an hour.

SwiftKey's clipboard also has an option to add new snippets.You can select this option to add a new text fragment to the clipboard for pasting.However, you can only choose to paste snippets entered with this option on your Android device.New clips added with this option will not be synchronized with the Windows clipboard.

in conclusion

In daily work and study, cloud clipboard synchronization between Windows computer and Android mobile device often comes in handy.For example, with clipboard sync enabled, you can seamlessly copy and paste contact numbers or email address details from your phone to your Windows PC.Therefore, the cloud clipboard feature in Windows will be invaluable for users who frequently need to share data between PCs and mobile devices.



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