Dyson's new headphones add air-purifying features

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Dyson has incredible air purification technology.For years, the company has been keen to make sure people live in spaces free of dust, pet dander and other pollutants to improve their overall health.

Now, Dyson has announced a new product in its new line of air purification products.Dyson Zone headphones with active noise cancellation and air purification technology.Let's find out together:

Dyson launches Zone air-purifying headphones


Dyson has been creating products with tons of advanced technology built in, but this is its first product aimed at tech enthusiasts and audiophiles.Its goal is to bring to the public a pair of wireless, high-quality, closed-back headphones with incredible noise-canceling capabilities, but allowing users to breathe clean air at the same time, whether they're indoors or out.Since Dyson makes some of the best air purifiers on the market, expect this product to be impressive.

What Dyson Zone headphones do and how they work

The two main features of the Dyson Zone include noise cancellation and air purification.So, let's see how the company fared on both fronts.

Active noise reduction


Active Noise Cancellation brings you closer to the music, perfect for those who take public transportation and just want to immerse themselves in the world of music in between.

A microphone placed on the outside of the headset listens to the sounds around you; its algorithms then take those noises and cancel them out when they reach your ears.When designing the earphones, Dyson even created a realistic head and torso with fleshy human-like ears to ensure the earphones are sealed just right, which also helps reduce noise pollution.

Describing the headset's capabilities in a set of videos on Dyson's Zone product page, the company said it "designed a really large audio cavity with the highest quality speaker drivers."Dyson wants to bring customers the best possible listening experience, hearing the musician's intent.

The Dyson Zone will charge via USB Type-C, however, the company has yet to reveal the battery life of these earphones.

Air purification


This is where Dyson has the most experience.Dyson says it has more than 30 years of experience designing air purification technology, and the Dyson Zone has gone through more than 500 prototypes to get the design right.

The company's goal is to shrink the carbon and HEPA filters in its home purification systems and fit them into Zone headphones.Because the prototype's filters were too large to work with headphones, the company redesigned the filtering technology.

Zone uses an electrostatic medium that attracts dust particles and gaseous pollutants, similar to its carbon-HEPA combo filters.The user then inhales cleaner air through the visor in front of the mouth and nose.Depending on how much contamination it absorbs, users will need to replace the filter after about a year.The visor is also removable for those who just want to use the headphones as usual without the air purifier.

Dyson ZoneYou can also connect with the Dyson Link app to see how well the filter is picking up contaminants.You can also see the estimated filter life if the user interface is similar to its home purifier.

When can I buy Dyson Zone headphones?


The Dyson Zone headphones are scheduled to be released in the fall of 2022.There is currently no firm release date, and plans are subject to change.The company is likely to share more details on the product rollout as the potential release date gets closer.

We also don't have information on pricing, but keep in mind that the company's offerings are often expensive.

Will the Dyson Zone be popular with tech enthusiasts?

Over time, we should soon be able to understand the Dyson Zone's position in the fast-growing active noise-cancelling headphone market.We'll see how these headphones stack up against other expensive audiophile headphones.

Dyson has a history of making extremely useful, technologically advanced products at premium prices.And if this trend continues, these active noise-cancelling headphones could be among the best in tech, even if many people are unlikely to use air-purifying masks.


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