8 Chrome Extensions to Help Prevent Eye Strain

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If your work involves a lot of web browsing, you may feel like your eyes are getting dry, or you may experience headaches after long periods of concentrating on tasks.Fortunately, there are some Google Chrome extensions that you can use to protect your eyes.Some of these Chrome extensions use the Pomodoro technique, while others use the 20-20-20 rule to mitigate the side effects of screen time.Here's how to use a Chrome extension to protect your eyes while browsing the web.

Staring at a screen for long periods of time is hard work, so use these extensions to give them a proper rest:

1. EyeCare - Protect Your Vision


EyeCare - Protect Your Visionis a Google Chrome extension based on the 20-20-20 rule.It reminds you to take frequent breaks to prevent eye strain.If you feel like you don't have time to get anything done in just 20 minutes, or you plan to concentrate on a lengthy task, you can easily adjust the settings of the eyeCare extension.You can also click reset and the rest timer will start over.To make sure you don't forget the much-needed rest for your eyes, you can allow eyeCare to show notifications and play sounds.

If you're just starting to follow the 20-20-20 rule, turn on the toggle next to Show practice pages and the extension will provide instructions on how to use your breaks effectively.If you need a distraction-free environment, you can easily turn off eyeCare without even opening Chrome's extensions menu.

2. Praxis Eye Health


Praxis Eye Health Extensions are designed to reduce the negative effects of too much screen time or sitting for too long.The extension's interface is fairly simple, and it focuses on three functions to keep you healthy.

1.  一个20分钟的倒计时,这样你就可以休息一下,遵循20-20-20规则。

2. Water drinking tracker, reminding you to stay hydrated while working.

3. A gif or picture of a yoga pose so you can do some physical activity during your breaks.

3. Eye Rest Notification



When you're not looking at the screen, you blink about 10 to 15 times per minute.However, according to Harvard Health Publishing, screen exposure reduces blink rate by 60 percent and increases the risk of dry eye.Eye Rest Notification Can help protect your eyes from the stress of staring at a computer screen by reminding you to rest and blink.

The extension's menu doesn't have many options -- it just allows you to set the time until the next reminder.So, if you are looking for something quick and effective, Eye Rest Notification is the extension for you.

4. Screen Shader


installation Screen Shader Similar to using F.lux to reduce blue light.The extension will put a colorful tint on your browser window to help reduce eye strain, and it will adjust the brightness based on the time of day.

Screen Shader The Preferences menu allows you to control shadows, colors or brightness.You can use keyboard shortcuts to open extensions and control their settings.If you're not sure how you should set up your screen shader, let the extension detect your location and adjust the shadows based on your local sunset and sunrise times.

5. Care Your Eyes


although Care Your Eyes The extension may not remind you to take a break from the screen, but it will help protect your eyes by changing the color and tint of your browser.The extension allows you to change the color of your website based on night or Reseda mode.

You can choose a background color, adjust brightness and contrast, or disable the extension for specific websites.Doing so reduces the intensity of bright colors and makes browsing more comfortable.You can also use keyboard shortcuts to quickly adjust the Love Your Eyes settings.

6. Green Eye


Green Eye is a simple and effective Google Chrome extension that keeps your eyes healthy by changing the background and foreground colors of web pages.It has three preset themes, but you can personalize it even more by choosing text, background, and border colors.Additionally, you can enable keyboard shortcuts to switch settings faster.

7. break-timer


break-timer There's a desktop app, but if you like installing Chrome extensions, you'll have no problem setting breaks in the browser.If you have the habit of forgetting to take breaks to stretch your body and rest your eyes while you are working,break-timerWill make sure you get some healthy screen-free time.

This extension has a high level of customization.You can choose your break frequency and length, break titles and messages, andbreak-timerWhether you should be allowed to postpone the break.You can also set Break Timer to notify you as a full-screen popup or a simple notification.

And, if you haven't used your computer for a while, the Break Timer countdown will reset automatically.

8. High Contrast


If you like using a dark theme to reduce eye strain, you should give it a try High Contrast.It uses several color filters to give your eyes a break while making the text easier to read.This extension is great for Google Docs and text-heavy sites like Wikipedia.However, for sites with more media, it will have some impact.

You might not think your office job is physically demanding when you're sitting in a comfy chair, but your eyes are hard at work, and it desperately needs a break when the time is right.Above, the Google Chrome extension will help you reduce eye strain, avoid dry eyes, and get back to working at your best.


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